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Pipe Positioners Welding

Across the entire plain of China, Waldun is the company trusted with pipe positioners welding. You can count on Waldun to produce the pipe and tank welding positioners you need!

You can use Waldun’s tank and pipe positioners for welding to work on many products. Whether you need it for light or heavy products, our welding positioners will suffice!

If you’re looking for a vertical-faced positioner, or a roller-type of positioner, you can trust us to produce it for you! Waldun can create and tailor-make the exact type of positioner you need!

Waldun’s Pipe Positioners for Welding

You can find a lot of uses for the pipe welding positioners that Waldun is offering.

Pipe Positioners Welding

For one, you can use it to properly position the workpieces for welding. You can also treat it as a machine that could hold the workpiece in place and permanently.

Because Waldun allows clients to customize their own welding positioners, it gives better flexibility and versatility.

They’re not forced to just adapt to the features and functionalities that Waldun’s pipe welding positioners have.

Features and Benefits of Waldun’s Pipe Welding Positioners

The features of Waldun’s pipe positioner machines for welding include:

Benefits of Pipe Welding Positioners

Flexible load capacities

Easily adaptable worktable size and dimensions

Moderate tilting speed (at 0.23 rpm)

Gravity center distance at maximum of 300 mm

Eccentricity center distance at maximum of 200 mm

Besides that, you can choose how you want your pipe positioners welding machines to be! Waldun is employed with the best engineers to help you achieve what you’re looking for.

Applications of Pipe Positioners for Welding

Waldun’s pipe positioners welding are used by many businesses in various industries.

Applications of Pipe Positioners Welding

You can use it if you’re in the tank and storage fabrication industries, shipbuilding and shipyard industries, mining industry, construction industry, and many more!

You can use our pipe welding positioners not just for welding, but for other stuff too like advanced positioning, machining, coating, etc.

Why Choose Waldun’s Pipe Positioners Welding?

For over 15 years, Waldun is known as China’s number one pipe positioner manufacturer. Many businesses and companies in various fields trust us because of our certifications.

Being ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified, we can guarantee high quality and carefully engineered pipe positioners for welding at a reasonable and a competitive price.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy:

  • 1-year warranty for all the machines and equipment
  • Complete installation and exemplary-quality aftersales services
  • 15-day maximum delivery
  • Highly reliable electronic parts

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Pipe positioners welding aren’t the only machines Waldun can offer you. In fact, you can also trust us to help you with welding overlay machines, pipe cladding equipment, flux-cored welding machines, and so on!

Don’t miss your chance to work with the number one pipe positioner manufacturer in China. Waldun can give you the exact pipe positioners welding that you need!

Contact us and get a free quotation of the machine you’re looking for!

Pipe Positioners Welding – The Best FAQ Guide

In the welding industry, pipe welding positioners are seen as one of the most important machines of all.

You can use them and drastically improve the quality of your welds. But do you know everything about these pipe positioners for welding?

This article will revolve around everything about pipe and tank positioners for welding. Rest assured that by the end of this article, you’d know more things about them, and better, you will find the exact pipe positioner that you need.

What are Pipe Positioners for Welding?

Pipe welding positioners are machines that are practical for a welding process.

Pipe Positioners Welding

They are machines that you can use to help you with welding. It can spin, rotate, and turn a workpiece at a 360-degree angle.

Are Pipes the Only Thing You Work With Using These Positioners?

No, pipes aren’t the only workpieces you can use for it.

Are Pipes The Only Things You Can Work With_

You can also load and mount tanks, drums, and other parts and components that are circular in shape.

It’s called this just because round and cylindrical objects are the most common workpieces involved.

Different Pipe Welding Positions

In using these welding positioners, you can take advantage of a few pipe welding positions available.

Pipe Welding Positions

There’s the 1G position, the 2G position, the 5G position, and the 6G position.

1G Position

The 1G position is known to be the most basic welding position. It’s where the pipe sits on its horizontal plane; and it’s rotated along its own horizontal axis.

The welding you’ll perform would be on top of the pipe.

2G Position

2G is the welding position that’s opposite of the 1G position.

It’s the position where you’ll weld the pipe or the workpiece on the side because it’s sitting at a vertical position; on its vertical axis.

5G Position

The 5G welding position is the one exactly the same with 1G.

However, it’s a position where the pipe cannot be moved, turned, spun, or rotated; the pipe is just fixed at a specific horizontal position.

6G Position

Last but not the least is the 6G welding position.

This is the position where the pipe welding positioner tilts the pipe at exactly 45 degrees (either on the horizontal or the vertical axis).

Akin to the 5G welding position, the workpiece is fixed permanently; it cannot be moved, spun, turned, or rotated.

The 6G position is suggested for welders that have reasonable and dependable experience in welding.

What Types of Workpieces Can be Loaded in Pipe Welding Positioners?

Regular pipes aren’t the only things you can load and work on with pipe positioners.

Types of Workpieces

In fact, you can work on a wide variety of workpieces, some of the most common include:

  • Elbow Pipes
  • Tee Pipes
  • Wye Pipes
  • Flanges
  • Cross Pipes
  • Wheel and Shaft Pipes
  • And Many More


What are Pipe Positioner Jaws?

Also known as “chucks,” positioner jaws are tools to keep a workpiece in place.

Pipe Positioner Jaws

They’re attached and mounted to the faceplate to clutch and make sure that the workpiece is held tightly.

What Advantages Can Pipe Turning Positioners Give You?

Advantages Pipe Positioners Give

Pipe and tank positioners for welding can give you the following benefits and advantages:

  • Increased Welding Productivity
  • Higher Rates of Weld Deposition
  • Decreased and Reduced Welder Fatigue
  • Increased and Heightened Safety of Welders
  • Decreased Floor Space For Welding Production
  • Reduced Errors and Rejects
  • Reduced Welder Tiredness and Fatigue

Different Types of Welding Positioners?

Pipe positioners for welding can be categorized and differentiated in many different ways.

Types of Welding Positioners

But, the most common would be through its automation: Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic.


These are the machines that you can operate using levers and foot pedals to rotate the plate.

The speed and direction would depend on your manual control; it uses no robotics.


Semi-Automatic pipe positioners are machines that you can combine with accessories. This is done so you can achieve better and highly improved productivity.

One good example of an accessory would be a stationary torch; the positioner would move below or above the torch, depending on the position.


Automatic positioners are the positioners that utilize robots and highly intelligent machines. You’d want an automatic welding positioner if you’re going to perform large-bulk projects.

What are Pipe Roller Stands?

Pipe roller stands are tools or accessories that help a positioner hold the workpiece in place. They’re stationary accessories that supports or assists a pipe welding positioner.

Pipe Roller Stands

You can choose from V-Heads and Roller Heads to hold your workpieces in place.

What is a Weld Positioner RPM?

RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute. It’s the number of times the faceplate or the table spins or rotates within a minute.

Knowing it is important because this will determine how fast your welds can possibly be.

Also, most machines would only have a limit in their RPM; so you need to choose the one that fits your projects.

Who Can You Trust With Pipe Welding Positioners?

Waldun has been the king of pipe positioners in welding for almost 2 decades.

Since 2005, we have been considered as the go-to company for many different types and kinds of welding positioners.

From regular rotary welding positioner turntables – to pipe and tank welding positioners, you’ll never regret choosing us!

Whether you own a company that needs it, if you plan to be a distributor, or even if you’re a regular household welder – Waldun will be the best choice you’ll ever have!

Why Choose Waldun

With Waldun, you can get the exact type of pipe positioners to assist your welding projects. In addition to that, you will be able to get the machines you order in just 20 days!

You will also be able to enjoy a 1-year warranty for all the machines and equipment you get and purchase from us!

Send us a message for the inquiry you have about pipe welding positioners and rolling machines! Get a free quotation for whatever equipment or machines you need!

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