Pipe Cladding Machine | Cladding of Tubes and Pipes

Wear-resisting pipe hardfacing equipment is mainly for cladding of tubes and pipes. Both can cladding the tube inside and outside wall, axis surface hardening surfacing.

Using visible arc welding automatic welding.

The roll overlaying welding machine has stable performance, simple operation, automated, powerful function, convenient maintenance, advanced technology etc, to improve the reliable guarantee of product quality.


  • High automation, one button start and stop, simple operation, greatly simplifies the operation process
  • Barreled welding wire located above the beam, to ensure smooth wire feeding
  • Water cooling effect is good; ensure welding wear-resistant plate, plate deformation after welding is very small
  • PLC used to control the operation of the machine, AC variable frequency speed regulation, improve equipment reliability
  • IPC control the stability of the platform, in order to ensure the long time stable operation of welding system
  • Machine parameters can be set to make any combination of the welding torch welding
  • The integration of multi welding torch swing, driven by AC servo motor, stable swinging, weld forming beautiful
  • Breakpoint welding function
  • Air-cooled torch improve consumable life


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Pipe Cladding Machine – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Pipes are among the components in various industries most subject to wear.

Due to their use and their nature, they’re one of the materials you really need to look after.

If you’re wondering how you can strengthen your pipes, consider using pipe cladding machines.

In this post, we will give you all details you need to know about pipe cladding equipment. What the process is, how you can benefit from it, different types, and so on.

What is Pipe Cladding?

Pipe cladding is the process of covering a pipe with cladding material.

Pipe Cladding

This acts as protection from problems such as wear, abrasion, corrosion, impact, etc.

What are Pipe Cladding Machines?

These are the equipment you use to be able to perform the cladding process.

Pipe Cladding Machine

Oftentimes, they’re stationary machines; it’ll be hard to bring them from one site to another.

What are the Parts of Pipe Cladding Machines?

Of course, various companies have their own parts and specialties.

But the most common parts you will see include:

  • Bedside Cabinet
  • Roller Bracket
  • Welding System and Chuck
  • Control System
  • Walking Cross

How Can Pipe Cladding be Installed?

Using pipe cladding equipment, you can easily install the clad material onto the pipe.

Pipe Cladding Installation

It mainly utilizes welding but you can also produce it through various explosive bonding processes.

What is Pipe Insulation?

It’s the process of installing insulating layers to keep the temperature of fluids within the pipes.

Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation’s main use is to control condensation. In addition to that, it also helps in keeping your pipes healthy and functional.

What are the Differences Between Pipe Insulation and Pipe Cladding?

Pipe cladding and pipe insulation might seem the same, but they are two different processes.

The idea of cladding is to cover up pipes for the purpose of keeping them wear-resistant.

Insulation, on the other hand, is aimed at maintaining temperatures of fluid within the pipes.

Are Pipe Cladding Equipment Effective?

Absolutely! Without a pipe cladding machine, you wouldn’t be able to apply clad material to pipes.

Each of the components of the machine complements the process; without one, it wouldn’t be functional.

What is CRA Cladding?

CRA basically means corrosion resistant alloy.

CRA Cladding

It’s a material that is built for cladding because its main purpose is to enhance a pipe’s resistance to corrosion.

What is the CRA Cladding Process?

CRA Cladding Process

It’s the process where CRA clad material is installed and deposited to the surface of pipes.

Is Overlay the Same as Cladding?

Ideally speaking, they’re the same. However, they have various differences.

Weld Overlay

Weld overlay is a welding process that deposits materials to a base metal. Oftentimes, the material you’ll apply would contain similar characteristics to the parent material.

The purpose of weld overlay is to restore a certain component; also to improve its properties.

Cladding is a process that aims at increasing durability from weather, corrosion, abrasion, etc.

The process of cladding is by applying dissimilar materials to a base or parent metal.

What is a Clad Plate?

Clad plates or clad materials are composites that you can use to strengthen surfaces or parts.

Clad Plates

They’re usually made from a type of steel to a low alloy steel, carbon steel, etc.

How are Clad Plates Made?

Recent innovation suggests different procedures for creating clad material.

But, clad plates are usually made via the rolling process; which can either be hot or cold rolling.

What is Elbow Cladding?

Pipe elbow cladding is the process of applying cladding material to elbow pipes.

Elbow Cladding

It’s done on a more careful manner than the usual.

This is because elbow pipes can change throughout the entirety of the process.

Where Can Pipe Cladding be Applied to?

Particularly, the process of pipe cladding benefits the oil and gas industry the most.

Pipe Cladding Application

However, it can also be used by other industries such as:

  • Mining Industry
  • Aquamarine Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Fabrication Industry
  • And Other Industries That Have High Temperature and High Impact

What is Stainless Steel Cladding?

Stainless steel cladding is a type of pipe cladding procedure that uses stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Cladding

It’s best to be used in environments with abundant corrosive content, high pressures, and high temperatures.

What is Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining is the process of prolonging the lifespan of pipes.

Pipe Lining

It can also be used, however, to restore a pipe from natural damages such as:

  • Corrosion
  • Abrasion
  • Erosion
  • Leaks
  • And the Like

Lined Pipes vs. Clad Pipes

Pipe lining and pipe cladding are processes that are far from each other.

Lining is the process of mechanically bonding materials to pipes for restoration. Some of the uses of pipe lining include:

  • To protect the pipes from damages
  • To prolong lifespan of pipes
  • To restore the original dimensions of pipes

Cladding is the procedure of metallurgical bonding of clad materials to pipes. Some of the major uses of pipe cladding include:

  • To create abrasion resistant pipes
  • To prevent corrosion and wear
  • To be able to resist high temperatures and high stress and impact situations

What are the Different Welding Positions for Pipe Cladding?

Pipe Cladding Welding Positions

Welders can choose from many different welding positions, including:

  • Flat Position
  • Horizontal Position
  • Overhead Position
  • Vertical Position

What is an Aluminum Cladding Machine?

An aluminum cladding machine is an equipment you can use for the cladding of aluminum and other similar materials.

What Is An Aluminum Cladding Machine
An example of an aluminum cladding machine, creating composite aluminum panels

More often than not, your end products would be aluminum composite panels, which are needed by a lot of sectors and industries.

When Were Clad Metals Developed?

In the most recent studies that have been pursued, clad metals were seen to have developed back in the early 1930s.

When Were Clad Metals Developed
A metal cladded fire door

Unlike today, the first clad metals were discovered to be made from the base of carbon steel, with nickel bonded to it.

Back then, experts and manufacturers used clad metals to produce and manufacture tanks, cars, railroads, vessels, and other heavy-duty machines and equipment.

What Are Most Clad Metals Made Of?

More often than not, clad metals are made from various cladding materials.

Cylindrical Shaped Tubing

Fourty-nine assorted cylindrical metal pieces made of brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel

Nickel-based alloys, one of the primary composites of clad metals

They can be anything from nickel alloys, copper alloys, or stainless steel that has been welded to alloy steel or carbon.

This is the regular and the traditional composite of clad metals. Now, they’re made from fusion welding or gluing of two (2) or more dissimilar materials together.

The Top Cladding Welding Machine Manufacturers in the Market Today

Clad welding machines aren’t easy to find, especially in the market we currently have.

Nevertheless, there are various brands and manufacturing companies that are deemed to be the best and the most trusted.

These companies are:

  • Everlast
  • Fronius
  • AHP Tools, Inc.
  • ESAB Welders
  • Miller Electric
  • Lincoln Electric

They’re the biggest names in the welding industry, and you’ll never go wrong in choosing them to be your supplier.

The only downsides of working with them would be in relation to stock availability and pricing.

Since they’re world-renowned companies, many businesses line up to get their products and services; therefore, they’re at a position where they can place their materials to be expensive.

Furthermore, they could have fewer stocks because of the continuous flow of clients and supplications they need to push through.

Who Can Help You With Pipe Cladding?

There are a lot of companies that utilize state-of-the-art pipe cladding equipment.

However, if you’re looking for the best, then work with us here at Waldun.

We have cutting-edge technology that can complete projects ahead of time.

Some of the most notable features that our pipe cladding equipment have include:

  • Simplicity of use and operations
  • High automation
  • Effective water cooling effect
  • Multi welding torch swing integration

Work with Waldun and experience the utilization of the best pipe cladding machines.

All are of a high quality and original – best to produce the components your business needs!