Wear-resisting pipe hardfacing equipment is mainly for the tube inside and outside wall, axis surface hardening surfacing.

Using visible arc welding automatic welding.

The roll overlaying welding machine has stable performance, simple operation, automated, powerful function, convenient maintenance, advanced technology etc, to improve the reliable guarantee of product quality.


  • High automation, one button start and stop, simple operation, greatly simplifies the operation process
  • Barreled welding wire located above the beam, to ensure smooth wire feeding
  • Water cooling effect is good; ensure welding wear-resistant plate, plate deformation after welding is very small
  • PLC used to control the operation of the machine, AC variable frequency speed regulation, improve equipment reliability
  • IPC control the stability of the platform, in order to ensure the long time stable operation of welding system
  • Machine parameters can be set to make any combination of the welding torch welding
  • The integration of multi welding torch swing, driven by AC servo motor, stable swinging, weld forming beautiful
  • Breakpoint welding function
  • Air-cooled torch improve consumable life

Machine technical parameters:

  • Capacity:                                             2tons
  • Revolving speed:                              05-1rpm
  • Speed adjustable way:             frequency adjust
  • Revolving motor power:                     5kw
  • Suitable workpiece diameter: ≤φ100mm-φ600mm
  • Suitable workpiece length:          ≤2000mm-0mm
  • Welding trolley speed:                   35-35mm/min
  • Welding trolley power:                    750W
  • Gantry elevating speed:                 500mm/min
  • Welding machine:  Shanghai HUGONG NB-630 OR AOTAI
  • Voltage :                 AC 380V±10%、50HZ±2%

Machine details:

Wear-resisting pipe welding machine is mainly composed of walking cross, roller bracket, bedside cabinet, welding chuck, welding system, control system, etc.

  • Walkcross is mainly composed of surfacing welding beam, beam lifting body, walking base, drive system, etc.
  • Crosscolumn, beam adopts the high quality rectangular pipe welding and forms, has very good rigidity, to release the stress after welding. Orbit with rectangular linear guide rail, planing, grinding, ensure the guide of high precision and its abrasion resistance, so that the machine stability was improved.
  • (Q235)base is made of high quality steel welded together, has the very good rigidity, release the stress after welding. Base by planing, grinding, to ensure the accuracy and its wear resistance, so that the stability of the whole machine was improved.
  • Drivesystem driven by servo motor and servo drive, speed stepless adjustable, servo controller with over-current, over-voltage and over torque protection. Walk in a mobile stroke limit position installation limited position switch; ensure the safety of the use of equipme
  • Welding rotator adopts lead screw structure, center distance adjustment is achieved by the hand wheel adjustment screw form, can meet demand of the cylinder with different diameter specificatio Wheel at the bottom of the seat with a hook plate, hook on the base, realize positioning. Ensure roller without deviation, make operation of the work piece stability and reliability.
  • Roller frame was welded by plate, and go through the stress relieving treatment. To ensure the strength of the base and overcome the long time use after welding stress deformation.
  • Roller adopts the natural rubber, large carrying capacity, driving ability
  • Cabinet is made of high qualified steel (Q235) welding, has very good rigidity, to deal with the stress after welding.
  • Welding power source
  • This equipment is equipped with standard Shanghai HUGONG NB-630 type gas shielded welding machine; inverter welder can be customized according to customer’s requirement. All you can use Submerged arc welding machine.

Functional description

  • Suitablefor all position welding medium carbon steel, low carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel, sheet met
  • IGBTpower soft switch inverter control technology, high reliability.
  • Comprehensiveuse cost is equivalent to about 40% of general manual welding method, and energy saving, high efficiency.
  • NBgas shielded welding machine can realize gas shielded welding, manual arc welding two function
  • Strongvoltage fluctuation resistance and self-locking function.
  • Weldingvoltage adjustable and the welding current to achieve precise matching, good welding
  • Weldingspatter is small, has a good weld appearan
  • Longtime and heavy duty use

Control system

  • Control system consists of two parts, the main control cabinet and the operation panel,
  • The main control cabinet and operation panel to cable by air plug connected to the control system can achieve every action of wear-resisting pipe welding machine control and joint control alone.
  • Control system with motor over-current, over-voltage and over torque protection.
  • Control system chooses CHINT or DELIXI company products. Has a simple and convenient operation, reliable operation, the operation can be single action or linkage control, convenience for the operators.

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Working condition

  • Voltage: 380V±10%;50Hz±2%3 PHASE
  • TEMPERATURE: -5℃~45℃
  • HUMDITY: ≤95%。