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Overlay Welding Machine | Hardfacing welding machine

WALDUN is an expert on providing hardfacing overlay welding machine.

WALDUN have focused on the welding wear plates production for many years, so we can handle solutions for production of wear plates. Including welding, cutting, leveling and etc. You can rely on us and we will be your best partner in China.

One head overlay welding machine is an ideal entry level machine for production of chromium carbide wear plates. With the advantages of simple operation, low cost and long service life.

You can also buy two heads, three heads and four heads overlay welding machine from us.

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Overlay Welding Machine Intro

Overlay welding machine with one welding head is optimized based on the original structure, the main improvement is update of control system, it has a more humanized operation interface;

The welding head made a number of improvements, making the machine running process more smoothly, totally enclosed rocking slider can guarantee the stability of the swing and maximum flow, to ensure the use within the cycle;

Reasonable smoke dust removal system can effectively remove 90% of dust in production, to provide better working environment for operators;

Equipped with the basis of the bottom beam for the customer from the trouble of pouring concrete foundation, convenient installation, convenient for user to move the machine; also has new vitality and more high-end appearance!

Overlay Welding Machine Feature:

  • High automation, one button start and stop, simple operation, greatly simplifies the operation process
  • Barreled welding wire located above the beam, to ensure smooth wire feeding
  • Water cooling effect is good; ensure welding wear-resistant plate, plate deformation after welding is very small
  • CNC systemis used to control the operation of the machine, AC variable frequency speed regulation, improve equipment reliability
  • IPC control the stability of the platform, in order to ensure the long time stable operation of welding system
  • Machine parameters can be set to make any combination of the welding torch welding
  • The integration of multi welding torch swing, driven by AC servo motor, stable swinging, weld forming beautiful
  • Breakpoint welding function
  • Air-cooled torch improve consumable life

One Head Machine Parts List:

Item Number Details
1 Main body 4000Ⅱ 6m*4m*2m(can be customized)
2 Rail 38kg railLGD12 rail 6.0m*2 sets    3.5m*2 sets
3 Welding elevating body Two sets Welding torch lifting driven by reducer and lead screw, guide bar adopts double cylindrical linear guide rail
4 CNC system One set F2300A CNC system
5 CNC programming software One set Standard software
6 Horizontal servo motor and drive One set 750W servo motor and drive
7 Longitudinal servo motor and drive Two sets 750W servo motor and drive
8 Swing mechanism One set Servo motor drive ball closed sliding reciprocating motion
9 Wire mechanism One set
10 Surfacing welding platform One set (Can be customized)
11 Welders One set Shanghai HUGONG NB-630 OR AOTAI
12 Dust removal system One set
13 Base One set

Overlay Welding Machine Data Sheet:

1 Single layer welding thickness(mm) 2.5mm~6.5 mm
2 Welding torch lifting range(mm) 160mm
3 Longitudinal range (mm) 4200 mm
4 Horizontal range(mm) 3000mm
5 Plate welding effective length (mm) 3500 mm
6 Plate welding effective width (mm) 2200mm
7 Rail precision Main rail straightness :0.4mm/1000mmu

Idle rail straightness: 1mm/20000mm


8 Intersection point offset ≤1mm
9 Straightness 0.5mm
10 Roundness ≤1mm
11 Diagonal difference ≤2mm
12 Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.4mm/10m

Why Choose Waldun Overlay Welding Machine

  • We manufacture our wear plates ourselves also. Thus, if you need to ask any question concerning the equipment or you need an improvement or a modification, we can always do thatwith ease.
  • We are incorporated with China’s mechanical industry supply chain, so our manufacturing process is low on cost.
  • We partner with international brands for our raw materials.
  • Our equipment comes with a year warranty with no extra cost for installment and commissioning.
  • Our packing is of international standards.
  • Our equipment passes through strict testing and quality control before they are delivered.
  • The bed structure of our equipment is well reinforced for all our machine parts.
  • We have a pool of highly qualified laboratory workers who are dedicated to making sure our machines undergo due procedures before they are delivered.
  • We have an efficient research team that is dedicated to updating our company about recent trends in the industry.

Overlay Welding Process Video

Other overlay welding machines

WALDUN will help you to choose the right and best overlay welding machines for you, we have an excellent after-sales service team. To make sure you use the equipment properly after you buy it, and also we will help your importing from China to your factory.



One Head Hardfacing Equipment

One Head Overlay Welding Machine

  • One head hardfacing equipment optimized based on original structure, main improvement is update of control system, it has a humanized operation interface;Welding head has a number of improvements, making the machine running process more smoothly.

Two heads hardfacing equipment

Two Heads Overlay Welding Machine

  • Two heads hardfacing equipment optimized based on original structure, main improvement is update of control system, it has a humanized operation interface;Welding head has a number of improvements, making the machine running process more smoothly.


Pipe Overlay Welding Machine

  • Wear-resisting pipe hardfacing equipment is mainly for the tube inside and outside wall, axis surface hardening surfacing. Using visible arc welding automatic welding. The roll overlaying welding machine has stable performance, simple operation, high degree of automation, powerful function, convenient maintenance, advanced technology etc.


PTA Welding Equipment

  • Plasma-transferred arc (PTA) welding is a thermal process for applying wear- and corrosion-resistant layers on surfaces of metallic materials. It is a versatile method of depositing high-quality metallurgically fused deposits on relatively low-cost surfaces. The PTA process is used in instances of extreme demands on wear resistance.

Precise-CNC-plasma-flame-cutting Plasma Cutting Equipment

  • CNC plasma cutting machine collects rich experience of high precision machine building. Our machine table can secure you trouble-free at least 10 years! This machine euiped with Chinese or Hypertherm controller, and HD plasmas. All our machines are made according to high standard.

overlay wear plate

Chromium carbide wear plates

  • Chromium carbide wear plates or steel liners are used in many applications where friction between two parts or materials creates degradation. Wear plate steel plate may bolt onto a machine that slides in and out or up and down in a manufacturing process, while they can also be found where manufactured parts or minerals are regularly rubbing or abrasively contacting the machined plate.

Overlay welding machine – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Walden has recently established a new approach to automated welding to improve overlay welding machine efficiency and make an economically interesting level.

To increase the efficiency of the welding process. We have developed welding systems specifically tailored to the needs of a wide range of industrial and commercial welding and automation applications.

What Is Weld Overlay Cladding Machine?

Weld overlay cladding is a method that provides protection for metallic components by welding a coating of corrosion-resistant material to areas at risk of corrosion and wear.

This can be extended to an entire system, or only to particular areas of interest.


Including pipes, valves, bridges, connections and elbows as well as more complex geometries, such as teas or wye sections, are the typical elements clad by Arc Energy.

You can see more here:

What Are The Features Of Weld Overlay Machines?

A Multifunctional overlay welder is fitted with the three primary welding processes, such as Hot Wire TIG, MIG / MAG and PTA.

The overlay is a multi-process overlay welder.

The machine’s features can be tailored to the customer’s requirements.

the features of weld overlay machines

This system can be used extensively in both OEMs and Welding Job Repair works in the oil and gas industry.

Our intelligent devices have both sophisticated technology and user-friendly features of world class.

How you can use/Applied the overlay weld machine?

There are several welds overlay techniques, each with its own specific applications and requirements.

How you can use the overlay weld machine

The choice of a particular technique depends on access, welding place and type of alloy.

The key methods of welded overlays are:

The most popular is safe arc welding.

You can see more about how you can use the overlay weld machine through watching the video below


What Is The Best Model Name/Number Of Overlay Weld Machine?

There are a lot of model names/numbers of overlay weld machines, but You can use the PAS-UWS-100

the best model of overlay weld machine

which is Highly Precise Machine Controls, Hot Wire TIG, Beckhoff CNC Controlled Welding Control, Welding Video Monitoring System, Advanced Single Window Parameterization function.

G Code Programming functions

Is there any special application for overlay welding?

No, there are many applications for overlay welding.

Is there any special application for overlay welding

You can use it for following applications:

  • TIG / MIG / PTA Overlay welding,
  • Inconel Overlay welding,
  • Hot Wire TIG Cladding,
  • Stabilizer drill head welding / Rework,
  • Down Head drill welding,
  • Oil & Gas Valve Welding,
  • Vertical TIG Cladding,
  • Horizontal TIG Cladding,
  • Advanced All in One Welding,
  • Welding Rework Repair Shop for Oil & Gas industry
  • Ball Cladding of Valves
  • Glass Mold Hardfacing
  • Hardfacing of Plates, Shafts

What Are The Types Of Overlay Welding Machine?

The primary types of welding overlaying

types of overlay welding machine

  • Shielded metal arc welding
  • CO2 welding, Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding / Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding
  • Underwater arc welding
  • Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding.

Is Overlay Welding Machine Expensive?

Yes, it is ranging from 30 to 10,000 dollars

Is The Overlay Welding Machine And Process Provides Protection For Products?

Overlay Welding process by welding to the base metal surface, in which one or more metals are joined together as a plate.

Usually this is done by applying either a corrosion resistant or hard-facing coating to improve the consistency.

Prepared surfaces can also be highly customizable by layering and alloying many different materials together.

But you can guarantee the goods are secured by the process.

Is The Overlay Welding Machine And Process Provides Protection For Products

Is The 5-Layer Overlay Welding Perfect Technology?

Yes, The 5-Layer Overlay Welding Perfect Technology

What Are The Disadvantages Of Welding?

The Benefits of Welding:

  • Lower output-usually more waste generated during the welding process than
  • Several other ways which can increase project costs in some cases
  • Competence at the highest level – project managers require a high degree of knowledge and training and not all practitioners deserve this
  • Thin materials-welding can be difficult to use on such thin metals

You can see more here

How Hard Is Welding?

It depends on what kind of welding you ‘re talking about, and your chemical expertise.

Who Can Help You With a Weld Overlay?

There are a lot of companies that you can ask help from with your weld overlay requirement.

But you can consider us here at Waldun as your go-to option. We have state-of-the-art welding machineries and equipment.

Don’t worry about minimum orders, we will supply based on your business’s demands.

How Can You Get a Weld Overlay Service?

If you have a company in mind, you can contact them about your request of a weld overlay.

You can send them an email, dial their hotline, or reach their customer service for assistance.

Also you can contact us now.

Which Weld Overlay Cladding Companies Can You Trust?

There are a multitude of companies that offer weld overlay cladding services. In fact, there are also that sell weld overlay cladding machines.

You can search the market for those that are on the same page as you. But, if you want to work with the best, work with us here at Waldun – the leading brand for the weld overlay cladding process and for weld overlay cladding equipment.

Where Can You Purchase Weld Overlay Cladding Machines?

While there are a lot of companies that offer these types of equipment; you can actually get a wide variety of weld overlay cladding machines with us here at Waldun.

Whatever type of machine you need, we’re sure that we can get it for you.

What are the Advantages of Our Weld Overlay Cladding Machines?

Why choose us to be your supplier for your weld overlay cladding machines?

Other than the fact that we offer a wide range of options, here are some other benefits and advantages of purchasing our weld overlay cladding equipment:

  • We have CNC-powered and controlled machines
  • You can ask us for a custom built machine and a custom built weld overlay cladding service
  • It contains high automation
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • And many more

You will never find another company the provides the same types and kinds of weld overlay machines like what we offer here at Waldun.

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