Metal Overlay

When it comes to metal overlay solutions and machines, Waldun is the most trusted in all of China. We’re able to get you the metal overlay machine that you specifically need!

Waldun’s high level of expertise and skill can also help you with metal overlay projects. Whether you’re looking to weld a nickel-base alloy, or a thin unit of stainless steel, Waldun’s metal overlay solutions would be your best choice!

Waldun’s Metal Overlay Solutions & Equipment

The experience we have in the industry allowed us to develop a special metal overlay system.

Metal Overlay Solutions and Equipment

Waldun’s metal overlay, welding, and cladding is designed to meet the expectations of clients across various business industries.

If you’re engaged in metal production and fabrication, the metal overlay equipment and solutions we have will absolutely answer to all the needs you require.

The expertise we have in metal welding overlay solutions will be enough to assist you with your work. More so, Waldun’s metal overlay (welding & cladding) machines would get you the high quality seams you’re looking for.

Why Choose Waldun’s Metal Overlay, Welding, and Cladding Solutions?

Waldun’s metal overlay solutions are considered the best because of many things:

Why Choose Waldun

We manufacture our overlay products ourselves; we take raw base products from the biggest and the top manufacturers of China

Our metal welding overlay solutions are applicable to a wide range of materials

Waldun’s engineers and welding experts are skilled in performing whatever welding method or solution

Whatever industrial business you are in, Waldun’s metal overlay solutions can get you the enhancement you’re looking for!

Applications of Metal Overlay

Waldun’s metal welding overlay solutions are helpful to a wide range of industries.

Metal Overlay Applications

The most common include the military industry, the medical industry, engineering and architectural industry, petrochemical and chemical industry, aerospace and automotive industry, and many more!

You can also choose Waldun’s metal overlay solutions if you’re a retailer or a distributor!

Why Trust Waldun for Metal Overlay?

For many years, Waldun has dominated the welding market in the region. We have made a lot of improvements on our machines and equipment, as well as our services.

  • You can trust Waldun the same way other companies and businesses have because:
  • Waldun’s staff members, engineers, and welding experts have more than 2 decades of experience
  • We offer a free sample for the metal overlay products and materials we offer
  • All orders can be received within 15 to 20 days
  • The machines and equipment we offer have strong and durable machine frames
  • Apart from the excellent quality of our metal welding overlay procedures, Waldun will never be short of products and services related to welding.

You can also count on Waldun if you need help with wear resistant plates, CCO plates, tungsten carbide plates, welding positioners, welding manipulators, pipe cladding machines, and many more!

Shoot us an email or a call and specify the type of metal overlay solutions you need! Get a free quote for all the help and assistance you require!

Metal Overlay – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Metal Overlay is one of the best ways to protect and secure parts and equipment. Many sector industries rely on it for their operations.

If you are engaged in this type and kind of business, you’ll definitely find the best use for it. But what are the things you should know about metal overlay? How can it help you? How can it help and assist your business?

What is Metal Overlay?

Weld metal overlay Is a process of fusing one or more metals together. You can achieve it by welding a thin piece of alloy (nickel-base) or steel to a part or a workpiece.

Metal overlay is considered as a cost-effective way of enhancing and developing properties.

What is Meant by Weld Overlay?

It is known and defined as a steel or metal deposition process.

Metal Overlay

Weld overlay is a process that uses welding and it aims to deposit material to base or parent metals.

Primary Types of Metal Overlaying

There are different types of metal overlay.

Types of Metal Overlaying

You can separate and categorize metal overlaying into four (4) different types:

Hardfacing Material

This process or type of metal overlay is used to decrease abrasion, impact, wear, and other damages to the surface of a part or a component.

Buttering Alloys

Buttering is the process of welding dissimilar metals to a surface. You would want to do it if you need to suffice metallurgical conditions and considerations.

Buildup Alloys

This process is the adding of metal or alloy to a base metal. However, the purpose is not to improve its capacities. Instead, it is to restore it; to make it look like what it was originally.

Weld Cladding

Weld cladding is a metal overlay process that adds a thick layer to a surface. Usually, it uses a carbon steel base or low alloy material for the purpose of increasing its resistance to corrosion.

These are the primary types of metal overlay that you can perform, depending on your goal.

Weld Overlay vs. Cladding: What’s the Difference?

Many people, even you, have the misconception that both processes are the same; but they’re not.

Weld Cladding

Cladding is a process you would want to do if you want to add protective layer to your parts. Furthermore, cladding can be done by welding or by mechanical methods.

Weld overlay is what you need to do if you want to enhance properties of parts or components. When it comes to application, weld overlay can only be done via welding fusion.

What is Meant by Metal Cladding in Welding?

Metal Cladding in Welding

It is the process of protecting a metal by forming a second layer of metal to its surface or core. If you want to improve the resistance of your parts, cladding is the way to go.

What is a Cladding Material?

Clad material is what you use in metal overlay or cladding to protect and improve resistance.

Cladding Materials

They’re the components added to the base metal for the results you want to see.

What is the Purpose of Metal Overlay?

You can get a metal overlay procedure for many different reasons.

Purpose of Metal Overlay

The most common ones that people have include:

  • For the restoration of dimensions of your machines/equipment
  • To improve its desirable properties and characteristics
  • For the purpose of making it wear or corrosion resistant
  • To further its lifespan and functionality

Basically, metal overlay’s main use is to improve a part or a component of your machines. Whether in a physical or in a chemical sense, its goal is to enhance and further develop a part or a component’s properties.

What is a Corrosion Resistant Metal Overlay?

It is a process of performing a metal overlay using corrosion resistant materials and compounds.

Heap of shiny metal steel pipes with selective focus effect

You would want to do a corrosion resistant metal overlay procedure if you want to enhance or reinforce the corrosion resistance of a certain part of component of a machine.

Weld Cladding vs. Hardfacing

Weld cladding is the application of weld metal with a thick layer. You can do this procedure if you want a surface with maximum resistance to corrosion.

Weld Cladding vs. Hardfacing

Because of the thick layer, the exterior of the part or the surface would grow thicker.

Hardfacing is a process that uses a relatively thin material and produced thin results.

You can choose hardfacing if you want to reshape or restore the original dimensions of a part or component.

Both of them are processes and procedures with similarities. However, the most effective use for it would depend on your goal.

Metal Overlay Service Price

Metal Overlay Service

The prices and rates for a metal overlay service would depend on certain factors, these factors include:

  • The type of the material to be welded
  • Surface and the base metal
  • Shape and size of the material

The best way to know the price for the service would be to ask your contractor.

Metal Overlay Machines Price

Roughly, the prices for metal overlay machines and equipment are above $3,500; it can even go as high as $12,000. You can know the exact amount, by asking the manufacturer.

This way, you can also find out about other products that can help you with whatever your projects are.

What is Metal Cladding Restoration?

Metal Cladding Restoration

Metal cladding restoration is a restoration process. It uses the metal cladding procedure to restore the dimensions of a part by saving it from rust, corrosion, or other types of wear.

Who Can You Trust With Metal Overlay Processes?

Out of all the many companies, go and work with the best – here with us at Waldun.

Waldun has been providing excellent quality metal overlay procedures to our clients. In addition to that, you can also purchase metal overlay machines and equipment from us!

Whether you need the service for your equipment or your machine, or if you want the service, you can contact us via our email or our hotline!

You can get a sample of the particular service you need – and we can give it to you for free!