Manual Welding Positioner

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Waldun is famous for being China’s top manual welding positioner manufacturer. We can produce and manufacture manual welding positioners that are exactly what clients need. For more than 15 years, Waldun has been producing small, to big-sized manual welding positioners to many businesses globally. 

Waldun’s Manual Welding Positioner

Our manual welding positioners come in many different forms.

Manual Welding Positioner

The most common of which would be the footswitch pedal and the hand pendant types of welding positioners.

Waldun’s manual weld positioners can come plainly and with chucks. We offer 3-jaw and 4-jaw chucks depending on the need of the company or the client.

Features of Waldun’s Manual Weld Positioners

Features of Manual Weld Positioners

The manual welding positioners of Waldun are equipped with high quality motors that can either be Servo or AC motors.

Furthermore, the machine frames of our manual welding positioners are carefully engineered. Before assembly, they’re sandblasted to prevent corrosion and abrasion from mishandling.

The worktables of Waldun’s manual welding positioners are controlled by the steeples frequency conversion to achieve high speed in welding.

In case these features do not daze you, there are a lot more! In fact, you can choose and assemble your own manual positioners with the help of Waldun’s best engineers and welding experts.

Applications of Waldun’s Manual Positioner

Other manufacturers’ positioners are less likely to be used for other processes, but Waldun’s large catalog of manual welding positioners are eligible for a wide variety of uses.

Applications of Manual Weld Positioners

You can use it for whatever industrial use you need; whether you’re in the construction industry, the pressure tank and vessel industry, power oil & gas industry, etc., Waldun’s manual welding positioner will be of an advantage!

You can also purchase our manual welding positioners even if you’re a retailer, a distributor, or if you run a fabrication company; Waldun will be your best choice for all the equipment you need!

Why Choose Waldun?

Being the top manual welding manufacturer in China, we have proven our strengths.

Waldun is one of the few ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified companies in the country, making us reliable and trustworthy whatever equipment it is you need!

You’ll love your decision of choosing Waldun because:

  • We offer complete installation services
  • We provide aftercare services
  • All parts, machines, and components have one (1) year worth of warranty
  • You can expect your orders within fifteen (15) days!
  • We can offer a free estimate of the specific positioner you need
  • And many more!

You’ll never run out of positive things to say about Waldun, just like how our clients have in the past years!

Other than manual welding positioners, Waldun can also be your source for other equipment, such as:

  • Pressing machines
  • Hardfacing machines
  • Overlay welding machines
  • Wear plates and CCO plates
  • Handhold spectrographs
  • And many more!

Give us a quick buzz here at Waldun and let us know what the type of manual welding positioner it is you need!

Get the most trusted service across the entire country! Purchase the exact manual welding positioner you can’t find anywhere else in the market!

Other Welding Positioners We Offer

Manual Welding Positioner – The Complete FAQ Guide

Manual welding positioners have gone out of style since the rise of automatic positioners. But that begs the question of why would you want a manual welding positioner?

Why not go for semi-automatic or automatic welding positioners? This is what this comprehensive guide will be all about.

We’ll discuss all the benefits you can get from manual welding positioners; also, help you understand where you can get the best ones in the market!

What is a Manual Welding Positioner?

It’s a machine that can help you with your welding procedure by “positioning” the workpiece.

Manual Welding Positioner

It can rotate a workpiece so that you can just stand in one position, performing a clean weld.

It’s the type of positioner wherein the rotational speed depends on how you control it via a footswitch pedal or a hand crank.

What’s the Difference Between Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic Welding Positioners?

Many people don’t see the differences between them; how do they differ?

Automatic Welding Positioners

Manual welding positioners would require action for the turntable to move and rotate. You can use a footswitch pedal for it or a lever that you can control by hand.

Semi-Automatic Welding positioners are those that work with extra accessories like a standing or a stationary torch.

It’s semi-automatic because the positioner moves by itself, while the torch is just stagnant.

Automatic weld positioners are positioners that utilize automated movements or robotics.

It’s the type of positioner that needs no human intervention as the weld head and the rotator are controlled by the machines.

What’s a Rotary Welding Positioner?

It’s a welding positioner that you can use to rotate or spin a workpiece.

Rotary Welding Positioner

Rotary welding positioners give welders the full view without moving from one place to another. You can purchase a manual, semi-automatic, or an automatic rotary weld positioner.

Welding Positioner vs. Welding Turntable

Welding positioner is the general term of machines you can use to assist you in your projects.

Welding Turntable

A welding turntable is a type of welding positioner. It functions as a table that rotates so that that you don’t have to worry about positioning while welding.

DIY Weld Positioner Kit

A weld positioner kit is the low-cost type of manual welding positioner.

DIY Weld Positioner Kit

It’s a kit that contains the parts of a welding positioner that you can assemble yourself.

What is a Certiflat Welding Table?

The Certiflat welding table is a tool that can help you get a completely flat surface.

Certiflat Welding table

Almost all welding products by Certiflat can be assembled, making the rates cheaper!

500-Pound Manual Welding Positioner

A 500-pound weld positioner is a machine that can withstand and operate on heavyweights.

500-Pound Welding Positioner

This means you can use it for workpieces that are 500 pounds or lighter.

Advantages of Using Manual Welding Positioners

You can find many different advantages of using manual rotary welding positioners.

Advantages of Using Rotary Welding Positioners

Some of which include:

  • Increased weld deposition rate
  • Reduced mistakes and errors on the weld
  • Comfortability of welder (reduced fatigue)
  • Higher welding productivity
  • Welders are safer and more secure
  • Reduced labor from welders
  • Higher and better welding flexibility
  • And many more!

The benefits and advantages of manual welding positioners aren’t only for your welders. It can have effects on the rate, speed, and the quality of your weld too!

How Do Manual Welding Positioners Keep Your Welders Safe?

Based on the advantages above, one of it includes the fact that your welders are safer.

How Manual Welding Positioners Keep Welders Safe

How can it keep welders safe?

They’re because of the fact that manual welding positioners:

  • Eliminate the need to use ladders, scaffolding, and lifts
  • Improve the working conditions in a floor
  • Don’t need heavy equipment like cranes and forklifts for holding workpieces
  • Don’t really require the welder to move around a workpiece

How Do You Properly Use a Manual Welding Positioner?

Contrary to what most people believe in, there’s a proper way to operate welding positioners.

Properly Use a Manual Welding Positioner

Follow these steps to help you use it in the best and safest ways possible:

  1. Guarantee your safety by placing the positioner on a stable and flat surface
  2. Decide on the rotational speed so you wouldn’t have to change it in between welds
  3. Prepare your welding equipment and make sure it’s plugged in to a ground current
  4. Ensure that the welding positioner is always in a horizontal position

By abiding by these steps, you’ll never experience problems with your manual weld positioners!

Manual Welding Positioners For Sale

You can choose from many manual weld positioning machines offered in the market.

But, for you to be able to choose the best, you need to be sure of the specifications you need. Some of the most common specifications include:

  • Rotational Speed or Rotation Controls
  • Load Capacity
  • Equipment Weight
  • Table Size
  • Tilting Capacity

These specifications are imperative because they’ll decide on the progress of your project.

Cheap Manual Welding Positioners

Manual weld positioner machines don’t always have to be expensive. In fact, you can find many cheap manual welding positioners from various sources and suppliers.

But, the quality of the machine might not meet the expectations you have.

In fact, cheap weld positioners might even impose problems, especially if you don’t keep an eye on their specs.

Who Can You Trust With Manual Welding Positioners?

You will never experience a shortage of manufacturers for welding positioners in the market.

Here at Waldun, you’ll never have a problem in choosing the weld positioner you need. We have all types of manual welding positioners, from regular benchtop positioners to 2-axis manual positioners!

Waldun can even customize the manual weld positioner that you need!

Waldun Offers Fast Delivery of Your Orders

One of the best qualities that we here at Waldun have is with the urgency of our services. Confirm your order now and get your machine shipped within 20 days!

Not only that, you can also enjoy a 1-year warranty to whatever positioner you choose!

Don’t hesitate to choose Waldun to get the manual welding positioner you need!