Laminated Wear Plates

Bimetallic chrome white iron brazed wear plates

Laminated Wear Plates

Product: Chrome white iron wear spreading vacuum brazed onto mild steel base.

The tiniest thickness for wear product we can make is 6mm.

Laminated Wear Plate Advantage:

  1. Hardness: 63HRC/700BHN. The use life is at the very least 2 times greater compared with overlay/hardfacing wear plates, at least 7 times longer than A.R type steels 360/400BHN. The thicker ones such as 20mm above wear, the use life is far more longer. The wear resistance performance is the same from wear surface to the welding face.
  2. Use surface area is very smooth as well as flat, media is challenging to stick on.
  3. It can make with various shapes and sizes.
  4. Better cost-efficient. System price has to do with USD5.5– USD7.5 per kilogram.

Laminated Wear Plates structure

Laminated Wear Plate Weak point:

For big sheet size, wear casting can be joint ones, not an entire sheet. For example, wear plate 1443x349x25/6mm( 25mm wear, 6mm base), the wear product will certainly be jointed with 4pcs, as well as light steel base will certainly be joint with 2pcs, joint gap is below 2mm

Laminated Wear Plate is appropriate for use in chutes, receptacles, containers, linings, impact walls, rock boxes and also a selection of other applications.

Laminated Wear Plates application

Very simple to make use of, no pre or post heating when welding.

Note: Studs Extra

If arc studs are required, please stipulate the size and position required.

Laminated Wear Plates parameter

TypeItem No.SizeDimension(mm)N.W.(kg)
StandardWED 200-18200x200x18200200126185.7
WED 200-20200x200x20200200146206.3
WED 300A300x150x20300150146207
WED 250250x250x20250250146209.8
WED 300C300x300x183003001261812.7
WED 300B300x300x203003001462014.1
WED 305305x150x24305150186248.6
WED 300C300x150x25300150196258.8
WED 300D300x300x253003001962517.7
WED 445445x445x254454451962538.9
WED 301301x200x2830120018102813.2
WED 294A294x144x3029414420103010.2
WED 294B294x294x3029429420103020.4
WED 300E300x150x3030015020103010.6
WED 300F300x300x3030030020103021.2
WED 372372x372x283723722082830.4
WED 300G300x300x5030030040105035.3
WED 300H300x148x5030014840105017.4
WED 206206x203x5820620338205819
TrapezoidalWEDt 190190×212.5×25190212.5178257.9
WEDt 241241×290.5×30241290.52283019.5

Ordering a wear plate from WALDUN

In some cases, we can modify your equipment to incorporate these wear plates when not in the original equipment design. If your equipment has lost some efficiency or does not hold the same tolerances as new, inspect the worn parts. There could be an easy and cost effective fix to the problem.