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Waldun is China’s number one and top manufacturer for Inconel overlay machines and services.

Many companies have trusted us because of the quality of our output, and the effectiveness of our services.

Waldun’s Inconel overlay process is ranked best because of the benefits it gives our clients.

We can help you by applying Inconel 625, Inconel 825, Inconel 188, and many more to your machines’ parts! You can also trust Waldun to supply you with Inconel overlay welding equipment!

Waldun’s Inconel Overlay and Cladding Services and Equipment

The Inconel weld cladding and overlay services Waldun offers are of a high standard. We’re able to help you weld many types of Inconel to your parts and machines.

Inconel Overlay

You’ll find many uses for Waldun’s wide range of Inconel alloys. Waldun’s Inconel overlay and cladding services will definitely improve your machines and equipment.

Waldun also has Inconel overlay welding machines that can support a wide range of welding processes, including CO2 soldering, PTA soldering, MIG welding, SAW, and many more!

The Benefits of Waldun’s Inconel Overlay Machines

The Inconel overlay and cladding machines and services we offer can get you the following benefits:

Inconel Benefits and Advantages

  • Higher productivity, our machines utilize CNC systems
  • Guaranteed quality of the Inconel overlay and cladding process
  • Less labor or staff members needed
  • All our machines are sandblasted, guaranteeing durability and quality

Whether you need Inconel overlay welding machines, or if you need a part or a component undergo Inconel overlay, Waldun will be your best option.

Applications of Inconel Overlay

Inconel material is made to resist high heat and high impact areas and situations.

Inconel Overlay Applications

Many businesses trust Waldun’s Inconel overlay machines and equipment. The most common ones that come for our aid include:

  • Aerospace and Military Industries
  • Marine and Maritime Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Power & Generation Industry

The Inconel overlay machines we have here at Waldun are made to improve and develop the parts of your equipment, making them resistant to heat and impact.

Why Choose Waldun?

For many years, Waldun has been the most trusted Inconel overlay machine manufacturer. It’s due to a lot of factors, the most common ones include:

  • We’re CE and SGS certified
  • Parts and components of our Inconel overlay machines are from trusted manufacturers
  • We employ the best and the most talented welding and hardfacing experts
  • Delivery time is within 2 to 3 weeks from the order date
  • All machines have one year warranty

What Else Can Waldun Offer?

Besides Inconel overlay machines and equipment, Waldun can also be your go-to company for a lot of other products like welding manipulators, welding positioners, hardfacing machines, wear plates, and many more!

Give us a quick buzz to let us know what we can help you with. Customize the exact Inconel overlay welding machine you need for your business!

Contact Waldun now and experience world-class quality products at a low rate!

Inconel Overlay | Inconel Weld Overlay – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Corrosion is the biggest threat for metallic equipment. Especially those that are most prone to it, oxidation might just be right around the corner.

The good thing is that there is a wide spectrum of materials you can use; both for corrosion and oxidation resistance. The Inconel group is one of those.

In this post, we will be focusing on the process of Inconel overlay, as well as everything about it. But do you know what Inconel is?

 What is Inconel?

Simply put, Inconel is a generalized term for a group or a family of super alloys.


It’s called Inconel because it is a trademarked term by the Special Metals Corp. The different alloys’ names are based off of their resistance, ductility, temperature, and so on.

Where Do You Use Inconel?

Because of its high corrosion resistance capacity, it’s used in many different applications. Inconel is deemed as the perfect material you can use for extreme chemical-reactive environments.

Where You Use Inconel

Some of the most common industries that use Inconel include:

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Aerospace and Marine Industry
  • Chemical Reaction Industry
  • And Many More

Keep in mind that Inconel is similar to other corrosion-resistant material; they’re just more extremely powerful and have more properties than the regular alloys.

Inconel vs. Stainless Steel

Both are unique and useful in their own way, but they’re used in different manners.

Stainless Steel

Inconel is a material that you want to use if you’ll be engaging in high temperatures, with more chemical reactivity. Because of its extreme resistance to corrosion, it’ll be useful in those fields.

Stainless Steel, on the other hand, is something you can use if you need a strong part in more normal temperatures. It’s also resistant to corrosion but when exposed to high temps, problems could arise.

Also, Inconel is far more expensive than Stainless Steel. It’s also often used in higher-temperature situations; whereas Stainless Steel is perfect for harder impact cases.

What is Overlay in Welding?

It’s the process of depositing metals to a parent metal with the goal of improving its properties.

Welding Overlay

Oftentimes, its main purpose is to restore or to rebuild the structure of the component.

What is Inconel Overlay?

Inconel overlay is the procedure of depositing super alloys to surfaces or workpieces.

Inconel Overlay

You can perform Inconel overlay if you want to reinforce and develop equipment that would be:

  • Exposed to high temperatures
  • Under a lot of chemical pressure

Best Welding Procedure For Inconel Overlay

The best procedure would depend on the project that you need done.

Weding Procedure for Inconel Overlay

Moreover, you can select any of the welding procedures available.

Whatever result you need would be the basis of what the best welding procedure is.

What is Inconel Cladding?

Inconel cladding is the process of enhancing the surface of a part or component.

Inconel Cladding

The purpose is to deposit highly corrosive-resistant material to parts and components, with the goal of keeping it free from corrosion and oxidation.

Can Inconel Rust?

All Inconel alloys have high levels of oxidation and corrosion resistance. There’s little evidence that support it being rusted or corroded.

Corrosion of Inconel

However, if you allow Inconel to be under extreme temperatures for long periods of time; the most resistant might also break off.

What’s the Difference Between Inconel 625 and Inconel 825?

Other than the number, the major difference between them involves the Nickel content. Nevertheless, here are their differences:

Inconel 825

Nickel Content

Inconel 625 is approximately made up of about 58% Nickel; while Inconel 825 contains just around 36 % to 48%.

Melting Point

Another difference is their melting point. Inconel 625 melts at around 1350 degrees Celsius. Inconel 825, on the other hand, melts at around 1400 degrees Celsius.

Inconel 625 is part of the Inconel group that contains high amounts of Nickel. 825, however, contains moderate amounts of it.

There are other differences between them that point towards the utilization and the use of each of the material.

What Makes Inconel Corrosion-Resistant?

Inconel has been designed to be protective of the material it envelops.

Inconel Corrosion Resistant

In fact, when it reaches extreme temperatures, it forms and spews a thick layer of oxide.

This protects the part or the surface from corrosion and other attacks that might occur.

What is an Inconel Clad Pipe?

An Inconel clad pipe is a regular steel pipe is coated and fused with Inconel material.

Inconel Clad Pipe

Due to this, it’ll be less susceptible to corrosion and oxidation. Furthermore, it would adapt abundant levels of Nickel form the Inconel material.

Where Can You Use Inconel Overlay Pipes?

Inconel overlay pipes are perfect for environments and situations that have extreme temperature and chances of oxidation.

Inconel Overlay Pipes

These are perfect for the Oil and Gas Industry, Chemical Projects, and the like.

Is Inconel Cladding and Inconel Overlay the Same?

A lot of times, they’re distinguished incorrectly because of the same processes.

Cladding is the process of depositing material through a surface with the goal of making it:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Wear Resistant
  • Stronger than what it is

Overlay is the process of improving and enhancing the properties of parts or components.

The process is most often used in varying conditions and instances such as restoring the shape or dimensions, preventing further wear, and the like.

Where Can You Get the Best Inconel Overlay Cladding Procedure?

If you’re looking for a company that you can trust and work with in terms of the Inconel overlay process, look no further.

We here at Waldun are ready and prepared to help you with the Inconel overlay and cladding that you need. We’ve been providing our clients with the same level and the same quality of services for years now and we never failed to meet their expectations.

Get the best and the highest quality of Inconel overlay and Inconel cladding with Waldun and experience world-class quality services!