wear-platesGood impact resistance

The bottom of wear-resisting composite steel plate is mild steel or low alloy. Stainless steel and other ductile materials,
reflecting the advantages of bimetal, wear-resistant layer to resist wear media wear, substrate withstand the load of the
medium, so there is good impact resistance. Can withstand the material conveying system to withstand high drop hopper and
other impact and wear.

Good heat resistance

Wear-resistant layer is recommended to use in ≤600℃ conditions, if add vanadium, molybdenum and other alloys in the alloy
layer, can withstand ≤800℃ high-temperature wear. Recommended temperature is as follows: ordinary carbon steel substrate
recommended no more than 380 ℃ working conditions, low alloy heat-resistant plate (15CRMO,12CR1MOV, etc.) substrate
recommended not higher than 540 ℃ working conditions, heat-resistant stainless steel substrates recommended in no more than 800 ℃ operating conditions.