ID Welding & Cladding Machine & Equipment

Waldun is the country’s number one manufacturer of ID welding and cladding machines. All our machines are capable of welding both outside and inside tubes and pipes.

You can use the ID welding machines that Waldun has for cladding the inside of a workpiece; alternatively, you can also use it to harden the outside surface of your tubes and pipes.

No matter how complex you think your projects are, Waldun’s ID welding machines will suffice.

Waldun’s ID Welding Machines

Inner Diameter or ID welding is the welding of the inside of a round or a cylindrical workpiece. ID welding & cladding machines are what’s used to perform the weld.

ID Welding and Cladding Machines

You’ll never have troubles with Waldun’s ID welding machines because they’re engineered to be highly automated.

Waldun is capable of manufacturing the exact type of ID welders you need! It’s comprised of complete parts, from the bedside cabinet, the welding system, the walking cross, the control system, roller brackets, etc.

You can use Waldun’s ID welding machines for large diameter pipes and tubes, or for thin and small ones, too!

Why Choose Waldun’s ID Welding Machines?

Businesses consider choosing the ID welding equipment we have because of some features:

Features of ID Welding

  • The base of the ID welder is made from high quality steel, made for longevity and durability
  • Machine frames are plate-welded before assembly to ensure resistance against wear
  • Driven by Servo Drive and Servomotor, with Servo controllers
  • Bedside cabinet is made from high quality steel
  • Waldun’s ID welders have big capacities

Applications of Our ID Welding Equipment

Applications of ID Welding

Waldun’s ID welding and cladding machines are used by many businesses, because of flexibility. However, the most common workpieces our clients use it for include:

  • Boring machines and equipment
  • Heavy-duty drills
  • Milling equipment
  • Turning equipment
  • Engines and rotors

Why Waldun is the Best ID Welding Machine Manufacturer

Waldun has dominated the welding market for more than 15 years. We’ve gathered licenses and certifications that prove the effectiveness of our ID and bore welding machines.

You can also trust us to create and manufacture more than 10 ID welders in a month!

Why Trust Waldun?

Waldun would never be the best if it weren’t for these specializations:

  • We offer a 1-year warranthy to all our machines and equipment
  • Electronic and mechanical parts are from trusted suppliers and manufacturers
  • Waldun offers supreme quality after sales services
  • Delivery of the machines from the date of order is 15 days

Other Products Waldun is Offering

Other than ID welders, you can also purchase other products and equipment from Waldun such as wear plates, CCO plates, welding manipulators and positioners, column & boom welders, and so on!

Just give us a quick go and we’ll go and specify the machines you want and need!

Get the best ID welding & cladding equipment at a considerate and a competitive rate! Get a free quote for the units you need, too!

ID Welding & Cladding Machine & Equipment – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

ID welding is one of the most sought after services in industries with piping and tubing. Because of the promising results they offer, you would really be enticed to try.

Should you be a newbie in the industry and you’re not sure what it is, this guide is for you! We’ll be discussing everything about ID welding & cladding, as well as machines and equipment.

After this guide, you’ll not only be skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to ID welding; you will also get to know what machines you need for it – and where to get them!

What is ID Welding?

ID welding is short for Inner Diameter welding.

ID welding

It is a process of cladding the interior of a pipe or a tube.

Understanding What Inner Diameter Is

Inner diameter refers to the diameter from inside of a pipe, tube, or any other object of the like. Therefore, ID welding is the procedure of welding the inside of a material that has a diameter.

Inner Diameter

You can choose to have an ID welding to achieve the following:

  • Prevent wear of the ID
  • Lessen the chances of corrosion of the ID
  • Strengthening the physical properties of the pipe or tube as a whole
  • And many more of the same kind

Inner Diameter welding is a process you can do to enhance the interior of your pipes.

What is Orbital Welding?

Orbital Welding What is

Orbital welding is the process of welding a tube or a pipe from the outside. It usually uses specialized machines and runs through the “orbit” of the material.

Is Orbital Welding and ID Welding the Same?

While they’re often interchanged, orbital welding and ID welding are two different processes.

Orbital Welding vs. ID Welding

Orbital welding welds the exterior of a tube or a pipe. You’d do this to apply resistant materials into its exterior; and oftentimes, to connect pipes from the outside of the diameter.

ID welding & cladding is the process of welding the inner diameter of a pipe; and is mostly used for resistance.

You can easily understand it – it’s that easy! No need for you to go through a whole course!

What is Bore Welding?

Another type of welding procedure that is often confused with ID welding is bore welding. They have the same process – but, they’re actually different.

Bore Welding

The process of bore welding is diameter-size reduction of the bore. In bore welding, you would take the inside of a solid material and create a hole into it.

Or, you can use it to reduce the diameter size of a bore; making the hole thinner and smaller.

What is a Spiral Welding?

Spiral welding is the process of welding the interior of any cylinder object, adding material to it.

Spiral Welding

In this procedure, the object is the variable you will turn, while the welder stays put. Technically, ID welding & cladding and spiral welding are similar processes.

ID Welding Machines and Equipment

There are many different machines and equipment you can use in ID welding.

ID Welding Machines & Equipment

In choosing what you need, you’d have to consider many factors, including:

  • Type of weld you need
  • Size of the material or workpiece
  • Clad material to be welded

These are the things you have to take note of in choosing ID welding & cladding machines.

Common Components of ID Welding Equipment

Components of ID Welding

The most common parts and components of ID welding & cladding equipment include:

  • Power source
  • Wire feeder
  • Control panel
  • Main torch
  • Roller support or idler
  • Torch traveler

There could be other parts and components; the differences would depend on the manufacturer or supplier you’ll be working with.

ID Welding & Cladding Applications

ID Welding & Cladding Applications

Should you be a part of any of these industries, you can use ID welding & cladding effectively:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil & gas industry
  • Vessel Manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Marine and underwater industries
  • Aerospace and aviation industries
  • Power generation industry
  • And many more

As you may have noticed, these are industries that usually need a strong pipe; not only from the outside, but also from the inside, too.

Because many things would pass through their pipes, it needs added durability and resistance – and, you’ll be able to achieve it through an ID welding & cladding procedure.

ID Welding Machines and Equipment Price

There really is no specific price and rate you can use as a basis on how much you’d need. The price and the rate will depend on the effectiveness and the efficiency of the machine.

ID Welding Equipment Price

You really can’t rely on the information you’ll get, except if done by the manufacturer. But, to give you ideas on its rates, here’s a simple breakdown of the average rates of each component.

  • Control System – $1100 to $1500
  • Welding Robot/Arm/Tip – $1500 to $2100
  • Power Source – $100 to $200
  • Wire Feeder – $680 to $810

NOTE: The prices and the rates fluctuate. This might be different from when you read it; it’s just the average over the past year.

To arrive at the figure of how much it is, this should give you the rough estimate. It’s not accurate, but you can expect the price to be higher than that.

Where Can You Get High Quality ID Welding?

There are actually a lot of companies you can trust when it comes to ID welding & cladding.

But, if you want to get the best results, work with us here at Waldun. Waldun has been the company to provide high levels of ID welding & cladding services to all clients in need.

Can You Purchase ID Welding & Cladding Machines and Equipment Form Us?

Waldun is the fastest-growing welding company and manufacturer in the industry. Yes, you can purchase ID welding & cladding equipment from us.

Don’t waste time searching for the products of other companies. Work with us and choose us! You’ll never have a hard time if you do so.