How to Buy Chromium Carbide Plate?

Chromium carbide wear overlay plate means that the high hardness self-protecting alloy wire is uniformly welded to the substrate by special equipment and automatic welding process on the ordinary steel plate (substrate), and the number of compound layers is one to two layers to multiple layers.

Welding Chromium Carbide Plates

Chromium Carbide Plates Production

Chromium carbide plate has been initially popularized and applied.

Some blast furnace water flushing slag pipes and slag ponds of iron smelters are made of chromium carbide plates, which have been used for more than two years without damage.

On the cement production equipment manufactured by cement machinery factory, chromium carbide plate is used as lining plate, and the effect is very good, and its product quality has increased the competitiveness.

The gas plant uses chromium carbide plate to manufacture coke hopper, the service life of steel plate hopper is only one month, the service life of chromium carbide plate hopper is more than two years.

Due to the good performance of chromium carbide plate, it is widely used. However, it is also seen that some enterprise purchasing personnel are not clear how to distinguish the good and bad quality of overlay wear plate.

Then how to quickly judge the quality of the overlay wear plate? It needs to be judged from the following points.

How to weld chromium carbide wear plates

The process of surfacing wear plates

I. Size

The first thing to look at is whether the size of the whole plate meets the specifications. Generally, the plate number, plate size and welding specification will be clearly and accurately marked on the surface of the product.

Secondly, see whether the size of the weld channel is uniform. The width of the weld channel is uneven, the error is more than 5mm generally unqualified products, except for the last weld channel of the welding gun.

In addition, welding specifications, must meet the requirements, otherwise it is unqualified products.

chromium carbide plate

II. Thickness and flatness

Different specifications of the surfacing wear plate have different thickness standards, measuring the middle of the weld channel, measuring five values to take the average. Average thickness tolerance 0 to 0.7mm is the most perfect, thickness tolerance >1mm is generally unqualified products.

Flatness of Chromium Carbide Plates

III. Surface forming

Surface forming to pay attention to the details of more.

The first observation of whether there are pits (diameter greater than 4mm, depth greater than 2mm dents defined as pits), whether the pit repair. General repair traces, a single pit repair area is best within 20mm * 20mm.

The second to see the weld channel surface to pay attention to whether there is a porosity (wear-resistant layer within the cavity due to poor gas overflow is not filled by the laying molten metal. The weld channel is not well formed (caused by low current or welding wire), arc break and other problems.

Thirdly, we should observe the combination of substrate and wear-resistant layer. Wear-resistant plate large area off, wear-resistant layer and the combination of the substrate a large area of porosity, after welding caused by cracks in the substrate, welding leakage and other problems are generally substandard products.

Smooth Wear Plate

IV. Hardness and chemical composition

Through naked eye observation and calipers and other tools, we can roughly judge the quality of wear-resistant plate.

The chemistry will be different for different applications and specifications as well as for each company’s R&D capability and production process. The hardness (HRC) of conventional wear plates should not be less than 55.

Brinell Hardness

In the eyes of professionals, it is not difficult to purchase overlay wear plates, just focus on the following issues.

1. Understand the basic situation.

The main thing is to know what styles of surfacing wear plates are available on the market, the performance and price of different styles, to provide a basis for purchase.

2. Choose a reliable manufacturer.

Nowadays, there are more manufacturers that provide custom-made surfacing wear plates, and the comprehensive strength of different manufacturers is not the same, which makes the performance of the products different.

3. Choose a good purchase channel.

At present, there are many kinds of purchase channels, such as contacting manufacturers to customize, to the wholesale market to buy. Before choosing the purchase channel, understand the purchase price of each channel, for the same, the same kind of surfacing wear plate, try to choose the purchase channel with lower offer.

Of course, there are many other issues to consider when buying surfacing wear plates, such as paying attention to the quality of the surfacing wear plates. If the quality does not go up, it will certainly affect the service life and use effect. Surfacing wear plates are formed after adding special elements to ordinary steel, such as Si, Mn elements, etc., which can enhance the wear resistance of steel plates. Before purchasing, customers who are in a position to do so can also go on a field trip to the surfacing wear plate manufacturer to understand the manufacturer’s production capacity, scale of operation and industry fame.