2000W-12000W High Speed Laser Cladding Machine

High-speed laser cladding series covers products between 2000W and 12000W.

High electro-optical conversion efficiency, good beam quality, high energy density, wide modulation frequency, strong reliability, long life, maintenance-free operation and so on.

The cold cladding machine has high speed laser cladding, ordinary laser cladding, laser welding, laser quenching, laser melting and condensation, laser alloying, 3D printing and other processes.

Its fiber optic output characteristics, making it easier to integrate with the robot as a flexible manufacturing equipment to meet the needs of three-dimensional processing.

2000W-12000W High Speed Laser Cladding Machine

Product technical parameters

Model number GQ-2200 GQ-3300 GQ-4000 GQ-6000 GQ-12000
Power (output) 2200W 3300W 4000W 6000W 12000W
Wavelength range 1080±5nm
Output fiber core diameter 200um 200/300um 400um
Fiber length 20m
Output Connectors QBH or customized
Indicator light Red
Working model Continuous or modulated
Polarization direction randomness
Output power stability (25℃) ﹤3%(2h)
Power adjustment range 10%-100%
Modulation frequency 5kHz 2kHz
Machine size and weight
Weight ﹤80kg ﹤300kg ﹤350kg ﹤400kg ﹤750kg
External dimension 750*800*800mm 900*800*800mm 1100*800*800mm 1320*800*800mm 1000*1300*1800mm
Electrical properties
Voltage Three phase,380±20V,AC,PE,50/60Hz
Power consumption 9.0KW 13.0KW 17.0KW 25.0KW 46.0KW
Control method RS232
Water cooling parameters
Cooling capacity requirements 7.0KW 12.0KW 16.0KW 24.0KW 45.0KW
Set temperature 25℃(Laser module),30℃(QHB)
Water pipe size (inside diameter) 19mm
Cooling water flow ﹥25L/min ﹥40L/min ﹥40L/min ﹥55L/min ﹥95L/min
QBH cooling water flow 1.5~2.0L/min

Laser Cladding Video

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