Hardfacing welding robot

Arc welding robot produced by our company adopts the INVERTER Welding Technology, the mechanical wall end is equipped with a special welding gun, and the wire is fed to the conductive nozzle through a double-drive wire feeder The whole process of surfacing is simulated and demonstrated by the robot arm through the teaching box, and the correct surfacing track is stored. The stepped shaft rotates evenly and radially through the chuck at the right speed, and the robot arm welds the workpiece through the servo motor, the servo motor driver and the controller swing welding gun. It is mainly composed of a robot hand, a controller, a teaching box, a servo drive system and a detection sensor device. It can record information and repeat the execution function according to the pre-guided action mechatronics engineering’s automated production equipment, which can perform a variety of tasks in a three-dimensional space, is particularly suitable for multi-variety, variable batch flexible production. It plays a very important role in stabilizing and improving product quality, improving production efficiency and improving working conditions.

Basic parameters

Name MH6
Form MH0006F-A00
Load 6㎏
Structure Vertical multi-joint type (6 degrees of freedom)
Repeatable positioning accuracy ±0.08mm
Motion range S Axis (rotation) ±170°
L Axis (lower arm) +155°~-90°
U Axis (upper arm) +250°~-175°
R Axis (wrist rotation) ±180°
B Axis (wrist swing) +225°~-45°
T-axis(wrist rotating) ±360°
Maximum speed S Axis (rotation) 3.84 rad/s,220°/s
L Axis (lower arm) 3.49 rad/s,200°/s
U Axis (upper arm) 3.84 rad/s,220°/s
R Axis (wrist rotation) 7.16 rad/s,410°/s
B Axis (wrist swing) 7.16 rad/s,410°/s
T-axis(wrist rotating) 10.65 rad/s,610°/s
Moment of force R Axis 11.8 N.m
B Axis 9.8 N.m
T axis 5.9 N.m
Moment of inertia R Axis 0.27㎏.㎡
B Axis 0.27㎏.㎡
T axis 0.06㎏.㎡
Weight 130㎏
Environment Temperature 0~45°
Humidity 20~80%RH(No condensation)
Vibration 4.9m/s²
Others Do not have ignition and corrosive gases, liquids

Do not approach the source of electromagnetic gas

Do not involve water, oil, flour, etc.

Power capacity 1.5kVA