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Hardfacing Welding Wire

WALDUN is providing hardfacing welding wire in and out of China for more than 15 years.,You can easily find different types of hardfacing welding wires here in WADLUN.

Both WALDUN chromium carbide hardfacing welding wire and tungsten carbide hardfacing welding wire have a very competitive price.

WALDUN can help you to choose the right and best hardfacing welding wire.

You can rely on us and we will be your best hardfacing welding wire supplier and partner in China.

WALDUN Hardfacing Welding Wire

Chromium Carbide Welding Wires

Chromium Carbide Hardfacing Welding Wire

035 Welding Wire

Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Welding Wire

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Why WALDUN Hardfacing Welding Wire

  • Have complete laboratoryto control the quality of hardfacing welding wire.
  • In house R&Dcan develop specific customized hardfacing welding wire.
  • Daily productionvolume of hardfacing welding wire can be 10 tons. WALDUN has a high market share in China.
  • With stable quality and high quality service, the domestic sales and export volume are increasing year by year.
  • Specification: 2.8 mm / 3.2 mm
  • Packing: 200 kg / Drum (Other Package can be customized)

Waldun’s hardfacing welding wires are known to be the best in the entire country. We’ve been considered as the best in manufacturing welding wires for almost 2 decades!

If you need tungsten carbide or chromium carbide hardfacing wires, Waldun will be the best choice!

Waldun employs the best people that moderate and control the production, ensuring safe and high quality outputs every single day!

Waldun’s Hardfacing Welding Wires and MIG Wires

Our hardfacing welding wires are produced in a specially engineered procedure we developed.

Hardfacing Welding Wires

In the event that you want a specific type of hardfacing welding wire, Waldun can customize it based on your preferred specifications.

All the hardfacing welding wires that Waldun offers are capable of performing clean and neat hardfacing to compatible base metals.

Whether you need it for flux cored welding or for MIG welding, Waldun’s hardfacing welding wires would be more than enough for what you need!

Why Choose Waldun’s Hardfacing Welding Wires?

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider Waldun’s hardfacing wires! The most common ones include:

Why Choose Waldun

  • Our hardfacing welding wires are perfect for abrasion resistance
  • Contains low carbon deposits
  • Can be produced in 2.8 mm or 3.2 mm, depending on your need
  • All hardfacing welding wires Waldun has are carefully studied before manufactured
  • And many more!

Should you have a specific type or characteristic in mind, Waldun can customize the hardfacing welding wires you need!

Applications of Waldun’s Hardfacing Welding Wires

You can utilize Waldun’s hardfacing welding wires for a wide range of uses. Should a part need repairing, rebuilding, or cast buffering, our welding wires will suffice!

Hardfacing Welding Wires Applications

The hardfacing welding wires that we offer are trusted by a lot of businesses, especially in the metalworking and fabrication industries, shipbuilding and shipyard industries, mining industry, oil & gas, power & generation, and so on!

Are you a retailer or a distributor? You can approach us here at Waldun too! We entertain all businesses that want a piece of the excellence that we offer!

Waldun’s Special Capabilities on Hardfacing Welding Wires

For almost 20 years, Waldun has specialized in mastering the production of hardfacing welding wires.

With that, our daily rate production increased, and it’s now at ten (10) tons per day! We also improved the packaging and the presentation, having it packed and delivered at 200 kg each drum; but, you can have it customized depending on what you need!

Why Work With Waldun?  

  • Waldun has a Research & Development (R&D) team that carefully studies all products before release
  • Houses a laboratory that controls, moderates, and develops the quality of hardfacing welding wires
  • We’re a proven company, able to increase and enhance export volume and domestic sales
  • We are partners with a heap of industrial companies and businesses all over China

Hardfacing welding wires aren’t the only products Waldun is a master of. In fact, we’re also adept and skilled when it comes to producing wear plates, tungsten carbide plates and sheets, welding manipulators, welding positioners, and so on!

Just give us a quick buzz and we will be right with you! Get the best and the highest quality of hardfacing welding wires you can get in the market for a fair price!

Hardfacing Welding Wire – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Hardfacing is one of the processes that most industrial companies and organizations look for.

Out of all the processes, hardfacing using welding wires is considered as the best and the most effective.

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about hardfacing welding wire; why you need, and why it is better than other methods.

What is Hardfacing in Welding?

Hardfacing is the process of depositing tough material onto a part or a component. In this process, you’ll use welding to attach a material to the surface of the workpiece.

Hardfacing in Welding

Usually, you’d need to use wear-resistant materials to lengthen the life of the equipment.

What is a Welding Wire?

A welding wire is a slim metallic material that you use for welding.

What is a Welding Wire

They are the materials that are consumed in the process.

Furthermore, they’ll be what you’ll use to perform the attachment of different materials together.

What is a Welding Rod?

Welding rods are thick filler metals that complement the welding process.

What is a Welding Rod

They’re more often used for joining two base metals or for welding purposes. You’d melt them and they combine the base metals.

Is Welding Wire and Welding Rod the Same?

No, welding wires and welding rods are two different materials.

Welding Rod or Welding Wire_

They differ in size and in shape; welding wires are just thin pieces of wires. Furthermore, they’re sold in spools.

Welding rods, on the other hand, are thick pieces of metal you use for welding.

What are the Different Types of Arc Processes For Hardfacing?

Arc Processes for Hardfacing

Here are some of the arc processes for hardfacing welding wires:

  • Shield Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  • Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTA)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Submerged Arc Welding

What are the Types of Welding Wires?

You can use a wide range of welding wires for your hardfacing procedure.

Types of Welding Wires

Some of the most commonly used include:

  • Aluminum Welding Wires
  • Flux Cored Wires
  • Joining Cored Wires
  • Hardfacing Cored Wires
  • Thermal Arc Spraying Wires
  • TIG Rods Cored Wires
  • Cladding Cored Wires

What are Welding Wires Made Of?

Different types of hardfacing welding wires have dissimilar content.

However, the most common content that they share include

  • Mild steel
  • Coating
  • Manganese
  • Carbon

What is a.035 Hardfacing Wire?

The .035 flux cored hardfacing wire is a multi-purpose wire that you can use in many applications.

035 Welding Wire

.035 is the size of the wire; it translates the thickness of the material.

You can find that it’s the most effective in enhancing a part or a component, preventing wear.

Moreover, you can also use it to improve a part’s impact resistance, to repair it, among others.

What are the Best Applications for Using Welding Wires in Hardfacing?

Appications for Hardfacing Welding Wires

You can apply hardfacing welding wires to a series of machineries in different fields such as:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Generation
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • And Many More

Is Hardfacing Using MIG Wire Effective?

Yes. You can actually use MIG wires to perform hardfacing on certain surfaces or components.

MIG Welding Hardfacing

Almost all MIG wires are coated with copper. What this does is it slows down oxidation.

Moreover, it lasts longer than other types of wires.

What is a Metal-Cored Wire?

A metal-cored wire is a hollow metal tube made with minerals, metals, and chemical powders.

Metal Cored Wire

Mostly, it contains abundant amounts of iron for resistance.

You could use metal-cored wires if you want to make products that are:

  • High-temperature resistant
  • Higher strengths from impacts
  • Less corrosive (because of its reduced oxidation)

What is a Flux Cored Wire?

Flux cored wires are wires filled with compounds of deoxidizers and alloys.

Flux Cored Wires
You can use them if you’re hardfacing surfaces that are not smooth. Using these types of wires, you will be able to:

  • Perform in extreme temperature situations
  • Have an increased rate of deposition
  • Operate in larger diameters

What is the Difference Between a Flux Cored Wire and a Solid Wire?

Solid wires are mostly made up of steel that is plated in copper.

You ought to use solid wires if you aim to produce accurate and high quality products.

Flux cored wires can create stronger and more stable welds. You would want to use them if you’re producing more wear-resistant type of products.

What are Chromium Carbide Wires?

These are the types of wires that have high levels of chromium and carbide.

Chromium Carbide Welding Wires

They’re perfect for your hardfacing procedure because of their properties. They’re strong alloys that you can use to create wear and corrosion-resistant materials.

What are the Pros of Hardfacing Welding Wires?

Using welding wires for hardfacing gives you the following advantages:

Pros of Hardfacing Welding Wires

  • Cost effective
  • Relatively cheaper than other methods
  • Gives the product the hardness and the toughness it needs
  • Higher and better rates of deposition

What are the Cons of Hardfacing Welding Wires?

There also are some disadvantages of hardfacing welding wires and they include:

  • Lower deposition rate
  • Weaker efficiency
  • Welder experience should be topnotch
  • To achieve the best results, automated systems should be taken into account

SMAW or GMAW: Which is Better for Hardfacing?

SMAW or shielded metal arc welding is a process that utilizes heavy-duty machinery.


GMAW or gas metal arc welding uses equipment that are more portable and easier to use.

The quality of welding would depend on where your location is. If you’re going to perform hardfacing on stationary equipment, SMAW is better.

If you need to perform hardfacing in differnet areas, GMAW should be what you’re looking at.

Who Can Help You With Hardfacing using Welding Wires?

There are a lot of companies that can help you with hardfacing welding wires.

Here in China, we at Waldun are considered as the best in the industry.

All of our staff members have a lot of experience. You can count on us to help you with the hardfacing process you need using welding wires.