Hardfacing Processed Plate consists of a mild steel base plate onto which a highly abrasive resistant welded overlay deposited with Open Arc Welding. The overlay deposit is either one or two layers.

Transverse cracks occur on the surface as a natural phenomenon during welding due to stress release, which under control by the chemical composition of the overlay or by cooling methods. The cracks have no any effections on the performance of wear plate.

Compound wear plate has its unique metallographic structure and hardness can reach to HRc 56~HRc62 which could make sure excellent wear property. Meanwhile, it is also of good machinability and available to cut, bending, welding and other processing with recommended method.

Wear plate has high content of chromium with overlay, and other chemical components like Manganese, Molybdenum, Niobium, Vanadium, etc… are also contained for various applications requested.

  • Flat & smooth surface
  • Outstanding wear resistant property
  • Economical production cost
  • Available to form wear part in various shape
  • Moderate impact resistance & Good temperature resistance
  • Good weldability to most structural steel
Plate SpecBase plate (mm)Overlay (mm)Hardness(HRc)Standard Size(L*W )/mm
10mm(6+4)6454-58A. 2,000*1,200B.

B. 1,500*3,000

C.  Both thickness & Size are available to meet customer’s request