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Abrasion & Wear

Properties Of Waldun's Steel Wear Plates

For hard wearing steel plates, no other company is trusted in China than Waldun. We’re the top manufacturer of hard wearing steel plates, and is considered as the go-to company for all wear solutions.

Waldun has provided significant amounts of hard wearing steel plates to many businesses and companies.

We can help you if you need NM plates, Hardox plates, CCO plates, and even tungsten carbide plates.

Waldun’s Hard Wearing Steel Plates

Waldun’s hard wearing steel plates are made to increase the strength of your parts.

Our chromium carbide overlay plates have 4.5 to 5% carbon, and it’s the main agent that makes your equipment more durable.

You can also choose from the many types of hard wearing steel plates we have. Waldun has Q235, Q345, standard and aluminum steel, and many more!

We never fail to refine and to enhance the developmental structure of our hard wearing plates.

Whether you need softer types of material, or harder and tougher, Waldun’s wide catalog of hard wearing steel plates will cater to your needs!

Why Choose Waldun For Hard Wearing Steel Plates?

The hard wearing steel plates that we have entice a lot of businesses engaged in friction and rough locomotive movement.

Why Choose Waldun For Hard Wearing Steel Plates

You’d want to choose Waldun for the manufacturing of your hard wearing steel plates because:

We work on the hard wearing steel plates ourselves, we don’t rebrand

Our CCO plates have 25 to 40% chromium

The common hardness of Waldun’s hard wearing steel plates ranges between 60 to 60 HRC

Wear resistance of our hard wearing steel plates are 5 to 6 times higher than what other manufacturers are offering

Where Can Our Hard Wearing Steel Plates be Used?

The hard wearing steel plates that Waldun offers are commonly used in the building and construction, and the mining industry.

Where Can Our Steel Plates be Used

But, due to its unique and special properties, you can also use it for other equipment, such as:

  • Casting machines and equipment
  • Heavy earth lining and moving
  • Turning and milling equipment Chippers
  • Buckets

Can You Trust Waldun?

Apart from the fact that Waldun is ISO and CE certified, why should you choose Waldun to be your hard wearing steel plate manufacturer?

  • We have an R&D (Research and Development) team
  • You can get a free sample of the hard wearing steel plate that you need
  • You’ll be able to receive your orders within 2 to 3 weeks max
  • All our base metals are from the biggest mills in the country

Apart from hard wearing steel plates, you can also consider Waldun as your manufacturer for other machines and products. They include: hardfacing machines, welding manipulators, weld positioner, column & boom welding machines, stenographs, and many more!

If you ever get perplexed where you can get the highest quality of hard wearing steel plates, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Waldun!

Get a free quote of the products and the outputs you need!

Hard Wearing Steel Plate | Abrasion & Wear – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Hard wearing steel plates are among the most important things in big industries. They help keep equipment and machines resistant to abrasion, damages, and other kinds of wear.

Not only are they preventative measures for damage, they also extend their lives. But how well are you knowledgeable about hard wearing steel plates? What are some of the things you would like to know about it?

In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about hard wearing steel plates. How you can use them, how they can be of an advantage to you; and where you can actually get or purchase them.

What is a Steel Plate?

They’re simply materials that can be cut, reshaped, and be added into a different material.

Steel Plate

You can use steel plates if you aim to improve or enhance a particular product. For instance, if you want a part to be abrasion-resistant, you’d use and utilize a steel plate for it.

The Different Types of Steel Plates

In the metalworking industry, you can choose from different types of steel plates. Some of the most common steel plates include, but are not limited to:

Nickel Alloy Steel Plates

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Nickel Alloy
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Heavy Steel Plate
  • And Many More

There are many other types and kinds of steel plates; some of which are a part of the hard wearing steel plate group with a specific function.

What is a Hard Wearing Steel Plate?

They’re the steel plates with the specific function of being abrasion and wear resistant.

Hard Wearing Steel Plate

Hard wearing steel plate can also be called abrasion-resistant steel plates, wear-resistant plates, and etc.

You can find and distinguish them because they’re made from Nickel, Chrome, Boron, etc. These are the properties that make their capacity to resist wear and abrasion higher.

What Does Being Abrasion-Resistant Mean?

It means that a certain material has the capacity to resist being worn by friction or rubbing.

Abrasion-Resistant What it Means

Take this concrete example so you can understand it better:

If a piping system is abrasion-resistant, it means that it can’t easily be scratched or damaged on the surface. Even if you allow it to undergo too much friction, it’s not going to be easily altered.

What Does 400 Mean in AR400 Hard Wearing Steel Plate?

The value that often comes after “AR” is the hardness it has in the Brinell scale. So, AR400 has a hardness of 400 BHN; AR500 has hardness of 500, etc.

How Does AR400 Plate Differ From AR500 Plate?

AR400 is a hard wearing steel plate usually used in higher wear resistance applications. It has a hardness of about 400 BHN.


They’re usually the “perfect” hardness with a good amount of bendability.

AR500, on the other hand, are harder and are used in projects that beat material. They would last longer as they have a hardness of 500 BHN.

However, they don’t have good formability like what AR400 has but they’re tougher.

What is a Hardox Wear Plate?

It’s a brand of wear plate that is manufactured straight from SSAB, a Swedish Company.

Hardox Wear Plate

Akin to how other wear plates are used, you can also bend, cut, and shape Hardox plates.

What Makes Hard Wearing Steel Plate Abrasion and Wear Resistant?

The amount of Carbon in these steels is actually a big factor in their resistance.


Carbon increases the toughness and hardness of the material. But, a drawback is it makes them more brittle and less ductile.

That means that the more Carbon a plate or a part, the more susceptible it is to breaking.

What are the Uses of Steel Plates?

Steel plates are a good additive to the resistance of a part or equipment. So, they’re most commonly used in high-impact and high-temperature applications.

Uses of Steel Plates

You can use steel plates in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Marine and Shipbuilding Industry
  • Military Industry
  • Construction and Earth Moving Industry
  • Milling & Turning Industry
  • And Others

Properties of Hard Wearing Steel

Understanding the properties of hard wearing steel is important. They can allow you to work better at what you need done.

Properties of Hard Wearing Steel

The most important properties of hard wearing steel are:

  • Easy tempering and hardening
  • Proper magnetization
  • Can’t be attacked by salt water easily
  • Possesses high tensile and shear strength

If your hard wearing steel plate has these properties, then you can be sure of its effects. You don’t have to worry about abrasion, impact, and wear.

What’s the Main Ingredient of Producing Hard Wearing Steel?

There are many ingredients used to produce hard wearing steel.

Main Ingredient for Hard Wearing Steel

But, the most important elements you need to create hard wearing and abrasion resistant materials are: Boron, Nickel, Chromium, Carbon, and Manganese.

How Much Do Hard Wearing Steel Plates Usually Cost?

You can quantify the purchasing per yard. The regular cost of hard wearing steel per yard is between $600 and $900.

That, however, depends on the project that you have.

Hard Wearing Steel Plate Manufacturers

There are manufacturers that produce hard wearing steel that you can use for various applications.

You can find and work directly with these manufacturers so you can get the best price possible.

Where Can You Purchase Hard Wearing Steel Plates?

China is the number one source for hard wearing steel plates. They have numerous companies, suppliers, and manufacturers that you can choose from.

However, if you wish to work with the most grounded and the most trusted, work with us here at Waldun. We’ve been providing high quality hard wearing steel for our clients for decades.

Depending on your business need, we can specify and customize your steel plates.

Why Trust Us?

The hard wearing resistant steel plate that we offer are special.

It contains several properties that make them:

  • Stronger
  • More durable; and
  • More ductile and resistant against abrasion and wear

Over our time in the industry, we have been able to provide our clients with the specific hard wearing steel they need for their project.