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Handheld Laser Welder

WALDUN is one of best companies in China to provide handheld laser welding machine. Handheld laser welder is mainly for internal and external right angle, flat welding seam welding.

Handheld laser welder is a new and more flexible welding process for welding both small, medium and large work pieces. It has following advantages.

  • Welding process: adjustable welding seam width, automatic wire feeding welding.
  • 5-10 times faster than the traditionalwelding and argon arc welding process.
  • Beautiful weld seam, no deformation, no blackening, no grinding required.
  • Outdoor welding, casters with mobile.
  • Long-distance welding: 15 meters, any angle/shape welding.
  • No need for professional welders, ordinary people can weld beautiful workpieces.
  • Welding materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet and other metals.

Handheld Laser Welder Laser Resource

International renowned brand name: Raycus, Reci, or IPG. It has greater photoelectric conversion effectiveness (> 30%), far better as well as extra steady light beam top quality, and also effective anti-reverse capacity

handheld laser welder source

Handheld Laser Welder Chiller

Premium chiller, steady efficiency, energy-saving, as well as environmental management. Little dimension as well as adaptable application to the manufacturing procedure.

hand held laser welder

Handheld Laser Welder Laser Head

Laser head: light form, progressed framework, trustworthy efficiency, comfy grasp, very easy procedure by one hand.

handheld laser welder head 1

Handheld Laser Welder Advantages:

  • The weld joint is gorgeous and also smooth.
  • The welding work surface has no contortion, the welding is firm, and also no succeeding grinding procedure is needed, conserving time and also price.
  • Faster welding rate can be 2 ~ 10 times faster than conventional welding.
  • Easy operating as well as no requirement training.
  • Welding joint smooth as well as attractive, no requirement gloss, can conserve your time.
  • No contortion or welding mark, company welding of the work surface.
  • Easy Upkeep.
  • Laser welding has less consumables as well as lengthy life span. More secure, much more eco-friendly.

Welding Capability

1KW Welding Ability
No. Material Depth of fusion Penetration thickness
1 Stainless Steel ≤4mm ≤3mm
2 Mild steel/Iron ≤4mm ≤3mm
3 Galvanized sheet ≤3mm ≤2mm
4 Aluminum/brass ≤2mm ≤1mm
1.5KW Welding Ability
No. Material Depth of fusion Penetration thickness
1 Stainless Steel ≤5mm ≤4mm
2 Mild steel/Iron ≤5mm ≤4mm
3 Galvanized sheet ≤4mm ≤3mm
4 Aluminum/brass ≤3mm ≤2mm
2KW Welding Ability
No. Material Depth of fusion Penetration thickness
1 Stainless Steel ≤6mm ≤5mm
2 Mild steel/Iron ≤6mm ≤5mm
3 Galvanized sheet ≤5mm ≤4mm
4 Aluminum/brass ≤4mm ≤3mm

Electrical requirements:

Utility voltage fluctuations can not be too large, voltage fluctuations in accordance with national standards should not exceed 5%, when more than 10%, the equipment may not work properly, and the stability of operation will also be reduced. Customers are recommended to equip with voltage regulator.

Cooling water requirements:

Pure water generally requires a resistivity greater than 0.5MΩ.cm, the use of a period of time after the water resistivity will be reduced or impurities in the water, dirt, water turbidity and other phenomena, will make the xenon lamp point otherwise or contamination of the laser cavity and glass tube, so that the light efficiency is reduced, at this time should be immediately replaced with pure water (continuous use of deionized water in the system is replaced once a week).

Environmental requirements:

Prevent vibration: because the laser welding machine optical part is very precise, the laser welding machine work field if there is vibration, it is easy to lead to the optical device alignment, resulting in weaker laser output, spot quality deterioration, or even no laser output, so, in the laser equipment workplace, pay special attention to the equipment installation location not close to the roadside, bridge side, or in the vicinity of the punching machine, milling machine, lathe Planer and other heavy processing equipment, if necessary in such an environment, it is necessary to do enough anti-vibration measures to reduce the vibration.

Reduce dust: Because there are many optical devices and precision electronic components inside the laser equipment, it is required to be installed in an environment with less dust.

Ambient temperature: 4 degrees Celsius – 32 degrees Celsius. Equipment operation, the ambient temperature can not exceed 32 degrees Celsius, because the laser power supply part, the power is very high, some power devices need to run out of heat, and the ambient temperature is too high will lead to the normal heat dissipation, will cause the whole system work instability, or even damage. And in winter, the need to strictly prevent cooling water icing, because the laser crystal, xenon lamp, spotlight cavity are filled with water, icing will directly lead to damage to these devices. In winter, such as long periods of non-operation, the cavity will be emptied of water; such as before turning on the machine again, first refill the water, open the power air switch, first the host does not open, only the water machine running empty for 10 minutes, and so the water temperature back to more than 4 degrees Celsius, and then open the host. (It is strongly requested that the equipment should not be placed outdoors or used in low temperature icing, otherwise it is very easy to damage the equipment)

Ambient humidity: not higher than 80%. Because after the welding machine power is turned on, the laser crystal will be continuously cooled by the cooling system, because the cooling water is generally lower than the room temperature, when the environmental humidity is too large, and the temperature of the laser crystal is lower than the room temperature, then the two end surfaces of the laser crystal will condense water mist, when the laser output, these water mist will greatly reduce the laser output energy, and the water attached to the end surface of the laser crystal, after drying, will leave the laser crystal film surface. will leave traces on the membrane surface of the laser crystal, which will greatly accelerate the aging of the membrane surface of the laser crystal. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, the water temperature setting of the chiller should not be lower than the room temperature of 3 degrees in summer and 5 degrees in winter.

Laser equipment use precautions:

Good grounding: Our laser equipment are equipped with automatic safety protection devices, only correct and good grounding can make it work properly, in order to protect your personal property safety, customers are strongly requested to provide good grounding conditions for the equipment. At the same time, the laser power supply and welding control system all use industrial microprocessors for digital control, and only good grounding can ensure their normal and stable work.

Smaller voltage fluctuations: If the equipment power access point or very close to the place with high-powered power equipment, especially the power equipment that will have a big impact on the grid, such as high-powered motors, argon arc welding machines, EDM machines, etc., it is recommended that customers are equipped with voltage regulators with voltage fluctuation suppression function.

Payment, Package & Delivery

1) Product packaging

Entire movie product packaging equipment; anti-collision bundle side; fumigation-free plywood wood box as well as pallets with an iron-binding belt.

2) Delivery:.
We accept the firm whose experience in sea transport will certainly ensure your maker security. We additionally supply train transportation, particularly to Russia, Ukraine, and also various other inland nations.

3) Repayment:.
We sustain T/T, L/C, DP and also OA completely credit score business.

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