H Beam Auto Welding Machine

H Beam Welding Machine

H beam auto-welding machine accepts the AC frequency conveyer to control speed with the merits of stable and reliable running and quick returning. It use the auto-arc tracing¢ering device to ensure the welding gun being auto and corrent centering to the target workpiece. Meanwhile, it is equipped by the auto welding flux feed and recovery system, easy operating and high efficiency. And the column-beam welding machine can increase the height of web accroding to de needof the users.
Model Gauge(mm) Web plate(H mm) Wing plate(W mm) Welding speed(m/min) Return speed(m/min)
LMH-4000 4000 200~1500 200~800  0.25~1.5 3
LMH-5000 5000 200~2000 200~800 0.25~1.5 3

H Beam Welding Machine – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Many of you might still be wondering how I and H beams are made. Are they manufactured from just welding the pieces together? Or do they have some type of beam welding machine?

The latter is the correct answer and, in fact, it’s usually done in unison. H beam welding machines are the technology responsible for the manufacturing of these beams.

Today, we’ll learn more about H beam welding machines. Furthermore, we’ll also assist you in finding the best, the most trusted, and the most reliable H beam manufacturers in the industry.

Understanding What an H Beam Is

It’s a type of beam that is shaped similar to that of the letter “H,” hence the name H beam.

Parts Of An I Beam
A sample of an H beam facing forward

H beams are usually made of rolled steel plates, making it strong and durable.

Many industries use H beams because of its engineering and its trait of lasting longer than regular flat plates.

What is an H Beam Welding Machine?

H beam welding machines are auxiliary equipment used in the fabrication of h beams.

What Is An H Beam Welding Machine
H beam welding machine in the process of assembling the beams

So, H beams aren’t just welded manually; in fact, an H beam fabrication line or machine works on multiple H beams at the same time.

It’s a flat-laid machine where long uncut plates are fed; the machine also handles the welding of each plate to attain the design desired by the client.

What is a PEB Beam Welding Machine?

PEB welding or fabrication machines are similar to what H beam welding lines are.

PEB stands for Pre-Engineered Buildings, which basically means that the parts of the machine are built and made prior to the assembly.

H Beam vs. I Beam: Which One Do You Need?

Did you know that a lot of people think that an H beam is similar to what an I beam is? When in reality, they’re a lot different!

H Beam Vs. I Beam
W section is H beam; S Section is I Beam

They might seem similar at first glance but if you carefully consider everything, they’re a lot different.

H Beams are usually heavier and denser than I beams. This translates to the fact that the former is able to absorb and take in more force.

When it comes to the web or the center structure or the height of I beams, they’re generally thinner than H beams.

Both the top and the bottom flange of an H beam stick out further from the web; while I beams’ flanges are shorter and narrower.

Are H Beams Better Than I Beams?

You can look at it this way, but it’s not entirely true.

I beams are used in different applications in comparison to H beams. So, we can’t just conclude that H beams are better and a lot more cost-effective than I beams.

How Does an H Beam Welding Machine Work?

In case you’re not aware, an H beam welding machine is comprised of several weld heads lined up with each other.

How Does An H Beam Welding Machine Work
Workers observing the H beam welding machine

It’s equipped with a solid bed underneath which holds the metal plate while the weld heads go through it. This is where the flanges of the H beam are shaped and cut.

Then web is made from a long piece of plate. It’s loaded onto a conveyor belt-like welding rollers alongside the flanges.

While it rolls towards a specific direction, weld heads on the side fuse and weld the flanges onto the center web. In most cases, the flanges are double-joined for a more secure and a safer weld onto the web.

Parts of an H Beam Welding Machine

An H beam welding machine is not just a singular equipment. It’s comprised of different parts with varying features and functionalities.

If you’re interested to know about it more, the usual components of a complete H beam welding machine includes:

  • Main machine
    • Made up of gantry frame, upper cylinder, boost beam, base, web, and flanges
  • Roller conveyor
  • Centering draw bar system
  • Electric control system
  • Hydraulic system
  • Shielding tools and equipment

Those are the most basic things you can see in an H beam welding machine.

What Materials are H Beam Welding Machines Made Of?

You can find many H beam welding machine manufacturers and suppliers using a variety of materials to produce their h beams.

More often than not, the wide majority of H beam welding machines are made from varying types of steel.

The kinds and types of steel you can use would greatly depend on its feature and functionality.

Usual Size and Weight of H Beam Welders

Since H beam welding and fabrication machines are auxiliary equipment, you can expect that their weight would be too heavy for a regular worker to carry.

Usual Size And Weight Of H Beam Welders
H beam actual and/or proportionate size

As a matter of fact, the weight range of these machines can be seen between 9 to 20 tons.

What is an Electron Beam Welding Machine?

It’s the machine you use if you want to perform electron beam welding.

Electron beam welding, for all of you who are not aware, is a welding procedure where the electron gun generates electrons to ultimate speeds through the use of electric fields.

Its counterpart, the laser beam welding machine, is usually seen as a better option. However, there are instances where EBW machines are more efficient and beneficial.

Which H Beam Welding Machine Manufacturer Can You Trust?

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