H Beam Auto Welding Machine

H Beam Welding Machine

H beam welding machine is made of trolley, vertical column, upper platform, tool carriage mechanism, seam tracking device, wire feeding device, wire reel supporter, flux recovery system, electrical control system and SAW welding power.

The gantry frame is formed by the walking beams, the columns, and the upper platform. Each of walking beams is driven by a motor reducer, forming a double-drive system, which makes the operation smooth and reliable. On the front of the platform, there are rails and racks, and they can be used to make the welding arms and tool carriages move. And two sets of wire and flux recovery machines can be put on the platform.

Welding arm is the most important part for welding work, it can move horizontally on cross beam together with tool carriage, also can move up and down on directional wheel of the tool carriage .

Seam tracking device is placed under welding beam, it has the function of automatic tracking, which can keep suitable distance between welding gun and welding seam, it has auto compensation function for H-beam‘s deformation .

Wire feeding device is fixed in arc-guiding device, it can connect wire feeder and wire reel together by wire feeding pipe.

Wire reel supporter is used for fixing wire reel, place wire reel into the supporter before welding, then make wire thrill through feeding pipe and connect it to feeding machine.

Flux recovery system is composed of flux recovery machine, flux cylinder, flux bucket, flux feeding pipe, flux recovery pipe and so on. They work together to realize automation of flux feeding and recovery process.

Electrical control system is fixed in upright column. While operation panel is on electrical control box’s panel.  The electrical control system control movement of trolley, up-down of welding arm, start and stop of SAW welding power, start and stop of flux recovery machine and so on. The movement of trolley is frequency speed adjust controlled, the welding speed can be adjusted according to welding technology requirement.

SAW welding power is an important part for welding work; we usually equip Zhouxiang MZ-1250 with this machine, also can equip American Lincoln DC-1000 or SAW welding power of other brands.

Model Gauge(mm) Web plate(H mm) Wing plate(W mm) Welding speed(m/min) Return speed(m/min)
LMH-4000 4000 200~1500 200~800  0.25~1.5 3
LMH-5000 5000 200~2000 200~800 0.25~1.5 3

Working principle of H beam welding machine is as following:

  • one H-beam steel placed on workpiece support frame with 45°,which is suitable for  boat welding
  • gantry welding machine walks on rails at adjusted welding speed
  • use SAW welding to weld two seam
  • arc-guide frame automatic seam tracking
  • flux automatic feed and recovery system

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