Two Heads Overlay Welding Machine| Hardfacing Equipment For Chromium Carbide Wear Plates

Two heads overlay welding machine is an ideal standard machine for production of chromium carbide wear plates. With the advantages of simple operation, low cost and long service life. Generally, one start up company shall have six two heads overlay machines, one leveling machine and one plasma cutting machine.

WALDUN is an expert on providing hardfacing welding machine. We have focused on the wear plates production for many years, so we can handle solutions for production of wear plates. Including welding, cutting, leveling and etc. You can rely on us and we will be your best partner in China.

Two heads hardfacing equipment

General Introduction

Two Heads Overlay Welding Machine is optimized based on the original structure, the main improvement is an update of the control system, it has a more humanized operation interface

The welding head made a number of improvements, making the machine running process more smoothly, totally enclosed rocking slider can guarantee the stability of the swing and maximum flow, to ensure the use within the cycle

Reasonable smoke dust removal system can effectively remove 90% of dust in production, to provide better working environment for operators

Equipped with the basis of the bottom beam for the customer from the trouble of pouring a concrete foundation, convenient installation, convenient for user to move the machine; also has new vitality and more high-end appearance!


  • High automation, one button start and stop, simple operation, greatly simplifies the operation process
  • Barreled welding wire located above the beam, to ensure smooth wire feeding
  • Water cooling effect is good; ensure welding wear-resistant plate, plate deformation after welding is very small
  • CNC systemis used to control the operation of the machine, AC variable frequency speed regulation, improve equipment reliability
  • IPC control the stability of the platform, in order to ensure the long time stable operation of welding system
  • Machine parameters can be set to make any combination of the welding torch welding
  • The integration of multi welding torch swing, driven by AC servo motor, stable swinging, weld forming beautiful
  • Breakpoint welding function
  • Air-cooled torch improve consumable life

Overlay Machine Parts:

1Main body4000Ⅱ6m*4m*2m(can be customized)
2Rail38kg rail GD12 rail6.0m*2 sets3.5m*2 sets
3Welding elevating bodyTwo setsWelding torch lifting driven by reducer and lead screw, guide bar adopts double cylindrical linear guide rail
4CNC systemOne setF2300A CNC system
5CNC programming softwareOne setStandard software
6Horizontal servo motor and driveTwo sets750W servo motor and drive
7Longitudinal servo motor and driveTwo sets750W servo motor and drive
8Swing mechanismTwo setsServo motor drive ball closed sliding reciprocating motion
9Wire mechanismTwo sets
10Surfacing welding platformOne set(Can be customized)
11WeldersTwo setsShanghai HUGONG NB-630 OR AOTAI
12Dust removal systemTwo sets
13BaseOne set

Data Sheet:

1Single layer welding thickness(mm)2.5mm~6.5 mm
2Welding torch lifting range(mm)160mm
3Longitudinal range (mm)4200 mm
4Horizontal range(mm)3000mm
5Plate welding effective length (mm)3500 mm
6Plate welding effective width (mm)2200mm
7Rail precisionMain rail straightness :0.4mm/1000mmu

Idle rail straightness: 1mm/20000mm


8Intersection point offset≤1mm
11Diagonal difference≤2mm
12Repeated positioning accuracy±0.4mm/10m

Why Choose Our Equipment 

  • We manufacture our wear plates ourselves also. Thus, if you need to ask any question concerning the equipment or you need an improvement or a modification, we can always do thatwith ease.
  • We are incorporated with China’s mechanical industry supply chain, so our manufacturing process is low on cost.
  • We partner with international brands for our raw materials.
  • Our equipment comes with a year warranty with no extra cost for installment and commissioning.
  • Our packing is of international standards.
  • Our equipment passes through strict testing and quality control before they are delivered.
  • The bed structure of our equipment is well reinforced for all our machine parts.
  • We have a pool of highly qualified laboratory workers who are dedicated to making sure our machines undergo due procedures before they are delivered.
  • We have an efficient research team that is dedicated to updating our company about recent trends in the industry.

Overlay Welding Video