Double Heads Roller pipe surfacing equipmentContinuous rolls welding surfacing equipment is based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with the domestic actual situation and years of technical accumulation, specially developed for continuous casting rolls, rolls and surfacing. device. The surfacing equipment includes: beam frame, welding torch vertical adjustment linear sliding table, welding torch horizontal adjustment linear sliding table, movable flux storage box, circulating water welding gun cooling system, power transmission host, wire placement platform and self-rotating mechanism, row Smoke pipe, adjustable speed wire feeding mechanism, water-cooled welding torch, integrated electrical cabinet and hand-held wireless remote control, etc. The whole machine layout is beautiful and ergonomic. The surfacing machine has the characteristics of stable operation, simple operation, easy maintenance, powerful functions and advanced technology.

Advantages are as follows:

  1. Intelligent: The top-level hardware configuration and functional control system consisting of fully digital PLC process control system, can adapt to the needs of various processes. After surfacing, the surface of the workpiece is more flat and beautiful. WLD-WL2000 adopts advanced PLC motion control system and full digital process control technology, so it has a variety of control functions, such as: intelligent automatic setting of process parameters;process parameter storage function. The pre-configured software of the software enables ring casting, single-stepping, and wave-type surfacing of continuous casting rolls, rolls, and ring-shaped workpieces.
  2. Easy to control: WLD-WL2000 equipment uses a high-definition wide touch screen man- machine interface, carefully designed window and man-machine dialogue, making the process parameters and program settings very simple, one can control multiple, and in the heap The state of the process during the welding process is clearly visible through the window screen. For the equipment control system, the torch trajectory is set by digitally on the TECO display, and the movement trajectory is displayed during the welding process, which makes the operator more convenient and simple to operate.
  3. Wire feeding stability: The wire feeder has two active wire feeding wheels, which can send different sizes of welding wire. Due to the double drive mode, the wire feeding force is increased and the speed is more stable. At the same time, the unique wire feeding wheel design is more suitable for feeding the flux cored wire. The wire feeder has the characteristics of uniform and stable wire feeding and convenient replacement of the wire feeding wheel, and the effect in the actual use process has reached the level of imported similar products.
  4. Easy to smoke remove: due to the use of open arc self-protection welding process, a large amount of smoke will be generated during the surfacing process, affecting the production environment and the health of the operator, so each torch is equipped with a smoking tube, each smoking tube meets It is then discharged by the fan. The goal is to automatically exclude most of the welding fumes from the outside, thus reducing the impact on the environment and the operator.
  5. Easy maintenance: WLD-WL2000 equipment is easy to install, easy to maintain and has a low failure rate due to the use of smooth linear guides and control systems.

Equipment features:

With open arc surfacing, submerged arc surfacing, swing surfacing, ring surfacing, spiral surfacing and other functions.

  • The position memory function of the surfacing process, the self-stabilization of the tip, and the self-adjusting control of the welding
  • The wire feeding process is stable and the wire feeding torque is large, which can realize high- speed stable surfacing and swing surfacing, and increase the penetration depth and deposition efficiency.
  • During the swing surfacing process, the electromagnetic and mechanical agitation of the arc to the molten pool is enhanced, so that the weld bead structure is more reasonable and uniform, and the weld bead is more
  • All process parameters in the welding process, including current, voltage, wire feeding speed, walking speed, walking distance, bead width, welding time, etc. are automatically
  • Wireless remotecontrol
  • The machine tool control system adopts the middle (or English) touch screen man-machine dialogue data, which can set the moving speed, swing speed, swing width, welding speed, rotation speed, continuous casting roller length, etc. to realize automatic
  • The equipment adopts TECO PLC as the main control unit, and the human-computer interaction uses
  • 10.2 inch touch screen operation, and is equipped with wireless remote control operation device to make the operation easier. The main control unit supports CANopen, Modbus, RS-232, and standard industrial communication. Can complete the expansion control with the host computer. The X-axis is driven by the Japanese Panasonic A6 high-inertia servo, and the Z-axis is driven by the Yamashita drive. In terms of handling, the equipment operator only needs to input the required parameters such as the weld bead width and length. The system automatically calculates the settings for the surfacing, and the entire operation is extremely simple.

Inverter digital surfacing power supply

The development of special flat characteristic control technology for surfacing, the equipment has the advantages of continuous use and strong anti-interference ability, and the surfacing industry has a high occupancy rate.

Mechanical mechanism

  • Power transmission host

The power main unit consists of a stepless motor, a chrome-plated hardened surface reducer, slewing ring, and a SUN three-jaw self-concentric chuck.

  • X-axis travel controlunit

Weldin torch trolley, beam frame, Japan Matsushita A6 AC servo motor, planetary reducer, linear guide, its processing technology through annealing, stress release CNC machining and other processes. The frame and the table base form a solid frame structure. The upper part of the trolley has a left and right lifting control function. The Y-axis movement of the trolley adopts the Japanese Panasonic A6 series AC servo motor and the precision planetary reducer. The double-drive beam drives the gear to move on the rack. Japan’s Matsushita A6 servo system dual drive as the X-axis drive control unit, the servo has the advantages of high inertia, absolute value control, and no repeated cumulative error. The X-axis travels through the servo and 7-stage precision rack and pinion drive.

  • CNC lifting slide

The lifting and lowering of the welding torch is driven by a precision ball screw, and is controlled by a Japanese Yamashita drive + Taiwan OPG stepper motor drive. Electrical control uses Japan Yamashi stepper drive and Taiwan OPG stepper motor as Z-axis control unit

The welding gun is mounted on the CNC lifting slide bracket for displacement and oscillation, and the welding gun can completely cover the specified size of the workpiece surfacing area.

Technical parameters:

1 Model WLD-WL-2000
2 Welding function Submerged arc surfacing / open arc surfacing
3 Maximum length 2000mm
4 Maximum diameter Φ500mm
5 Maximum surfacing workpiece diameter Φ500mm
6 Maximum weight 2000kg
7 Floor area L10000*W2000*H23500
8 Swing width H(mm)6 、 5-50mm
9 Swing speed 0.1-3.5M/min
10 Roll rotation speed 0.05-0.3r/min
11 Voltage 0-45V
12 Current 30-1250A
13 XY axis walking accuracy ±0.1mm
14 Welding torch lifting accuracy ±0.1 mm
15 Swing accuracy ±0.01mm
16 Welding thickness accuracy ±0.5mm
17 Equipment dimensions (length ×

width × height)

8000*3750*1500mm (On the ground)
18 Equipment color Blue

Surfacing process description

  • The roller works under high temperature and alternating load conditions, and the working conditions are very bad. It is required that the wear surface should have good high temperature strength, thermal fatigue resistance and wear
  • Surfacing should be preheated and slow-heated and post-weld heat treatment is required to achieve easy processing and improved
  • The process flow is: roll roughing→ultrasonic flaw detection→preheating→automatic submerged arc surfacing (insulation)→post-weld heat treatment→roller surface finishing→surfacing layer hardness inspection→ultrasonic flaw detection→qualified storage for
  • Submergedarc surfacing welding wire and flux: wire diameter Ф4mm or flux cored wire Ф3.2mm; sintered flux SJ107 or SJ108.
  • Submerged arc surfacing equipment: JHM-1250 welding machine, electric heating furnace (annealing), electric insulation furnace, three-head automatic surfacing machine, flux recovery
  • surfacingparameters:

The preheating temperature is around 350-400 °C.

Surfacing current is 400-800A, arc voltage is 28-35V, wire extension length is 30-40mm, and interlayer temperature is 150-200°C.

After welding, the annealing treatment is about 600 °C, and the temperature is kept for 6 hours. Welded transition layer, weld overlap

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