Currently, on the market there are mainly two kinds of wear-resistant steel plate, one is wear-resistant composite steel plate, the second is NM wear-resistant steel plate, that is NM360, NM400 and so on, how to choose the two kinds of wear-resistant steel plates, need to know the difference between these two kinds of steel.


Wear-resisting composite steel plate refers to the base plate of ordinary steel plate by surfacing welding method Composite high alloy wear-resistant layer, combined with a wear-resistant layer of wear resistance and substrate load, deformation capacity, and welding performance. The hardness of the wear-resistant layer is generally between hrc52-64. Wear-resistant composite steel plate appearance, steel plate side has surfacing welding path.

NM wear-resistant steel plate refers to a low alloy steel plate in the rolling process hardening or hardening of low alloy steel plate heat treatment hardening after the plate, also known as quenched and tempered steel plate. Hardness is generally hb350-500. NM wear-resistant steel plate appearance and ordinary steel plate appearance has no difference.

Wear mechanism and wear resistance

Wear-resistant composite steel plate wear-resistant layer is a high alloy composition, metallographic microstructure has a large number of high hardness alloy carbide (HV1600 or so) inlaid on the substrate, the main antiwear effect of carbide. The actual micro-hardness of the wear-resistant layer is much higher than the macroscopic hardness. The hardening method is the same as that of cemented carbide. Wear-resistant composite steel plate metallographic carbide hard phase, the white part is, the hardness is very high. NM wear-resistant steel plate is the overall quenching hardening, metallographic microstructure has the martensite to improve the overall hardness, micro-hardness, and macroscopic hardness is basically the same.