Cutting Pick Plasma Hardfacing Machine

Cutting pick plasma hardfacing machine is used to coat the end of the cutting pick of the coal miner with an alloy wear layer, and the final thickness of the wear layer is 1.5~2mm. The average microhardness of the pick tooth is HV800. Rockwell hardness is HRC65, which significantly improves the wear resistance of the pick tooth layer of the coal miner. Wear performance, significantly improving the life of the picker. A comparison with other methods of obtaining a pick block wear layer shows that the use of plasma welding to repair coal miner pickets is worth promoting. The application prospect is promising.

The plasma beam coating technology is used to uniformly cover the thickness of the metal alloy layer in the head of the cutter. Which effectively protects the carbide tip and improves the wear resistance of the head of the cutter. Thus substantially extending the service life of the cutter. And at the same time, the coating layer “does not produce sparks.”. When cutting rocks or encountering coal nodules, it improves the safety performance of coal production and solves a long-standing problem plaguing coal production safety.

cutting pick plasma hardfacing machine

Cutting Pick Plasma Hardfacing Machine application scope

It is mainly used for wear-resistant surfacing of the cutter in coal machinery. It is also used for surface alloying of small shafts.

Cutting Pick Plasma Hardfacing Machine Equipment composition

It contains the plasma power supply, precision refrigerant, automatic powder feeder, automatic welding gun, machining machine, etc. (Can be customized according to product type)

cutting pick

Cutting Pick Plasma Hardfacing Machine Parameter

Equipment model PTA-JC200/300
Input voltage 220V±5% 380V±5% 50-60Hz Single-phase or three-phase
Input power 12KVA/18KVA
Output Current 20-200A/300A DC Positive Polarity
Load persistency 60% continuous rate of load≤30℃ 200A/300A output
Statistics) Dimensional arc output 5-50A adjustable arc guide output 100% continuous load≤30℃.
Air source gas Argon Plasma gas: 1.5-15/min Protective gas 1.5-15/min
Cladding thickness Single layer 0.5-5mm
Cladding width Single lane 1-6mm Swing overlay width 10-35mm
Processing machines X-axis 300mm Y-axis 300mm Z-axis 200mm Φ150 for rotating machines
Numerical control systems CNC programming 4-axis drive control system

Ordering a cutting pick plasma hardfacing machine from WALDUN

In some cases, we can customize equipment to incorporate these parts when not in the original equipment design.