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WALDUN supplies cross slide with good quality and competitive price. We have both motorized type and manual type. You can check below detailed items.

MS Series Motorized Slide

motorized slides photo

MS series high precision motorized slide is mainly used for automatic welding equipment, through motor drive, make welding torch quickly move to correct position. The utility model has the advantages of high speed, high precision and good stability.

Using aluminum alloy body, guide pillar bushing + ball screw drive, DC24V + reducer drive, slide using both sides of the plate + dust-proof cover plate, the installation of limited switch. Standard slide stroke has 100mm and 200mm two kinds, load from 25kg ~ 100kg. Suitable for gas metal arc welding, single/multi wire submerged arc welding, is the most ideal configuration for precision welding customized machine (such as manipulator, Longitudinal girth welding machine, etc.) . High-precision electric slide, also can be used as weld seam tracking system X-Y executive body, arc length controller altitude executive body. If the DC24V motor is replaced by stepper motor and ball screw lead is changed, it can also be used as the actuator of high-speed linear oscillator. The maximum swing speed can reach 3000mm / Min.

Product Model Parameters:

Model Stroke(MM) Speed(MM/MIN) Rated load(KG) Accuracy(MM) Input voltage
MS05 100 250 25 ±0.1 DC24V
MS10 200 250 50 ±0.1 DC24V
MS20 200 200 100 ±0.1 DC24V

Note: Special Specifications can be customized according to user requirements.

Electric slide, with brake, DC24V, load 100KG, stroke 400MM

motorized slides ms400


motorized slides ms60td aluminum

MS100(P) (for 500 mm pipe)

motorized slides ms100p for 500 mm pipe

ED-SCD Motorized Slides System

ed scd motorized slides system

Motorized slide control systems allow operators horizontal and vertical axis positioning for a submerged arc or GMAW welding arc. Operators manually control movement using an wire or wireless control panel. These systems are recommended for simple, repetitive welding applications to improve weld consistency and quality while reducing operational costs compared to manual welding operations.

ED-SCD electric control slide adopts aluminum alloy body, linear track + T screw drive, DC24V + Reducer drive, slide stroke is 60mm and 80mm.

ED-MS60TD  aluminum

ed ms60td aluminum motorized slides

Rotory Motorized Slides

rotory motorized slides

A line of integrated product that combines a rotary table with an closed loop stepper motor. The rotary actuator has an internal speed reduction mechanism which makes high power driving possible. The rotary slides achieve both high power and high rigidity by adopting the cross-roller bearing on the output table.

rotory motorized slide


2 dimension rotory motorized slides

ED-SCP(Step type)Motorized slides

ed scp motorized slides

ED-SCP is an electric slide controlled by stepper motor. It adopts aluminum alloy body, linear track + T screw, stroke is 60 mm and 80 mm.

Can also use linear bearing + ball screw drive, stroke is 100 mm and 150 mm, suitable for Gas metal arc welding, TIG, Plasma and other precision welding machine (such as the cross operator, longitudinal girth seam welding machine) is the most ideal configuration of the typical Cross Electric Pallet.


ed scp motorized slides


ed scp60 150 motorized slides  

MJ05/MJ10 Series Light Manual Cross Slide

light duty manual cross slide

ED-MJ10, MJ15 series manual cross slide with 10KG–15KG light load, designed for automatic welding trolleys, manual fine-tuning of welding guns in automatic welding machines, with reasonable structure, multiple free degrees, precise positioning, comfortable adjustment, easy installation, beautiful appearance and etc.

It adopts aluminum alloy structural parts, which can be combined into two-dimensional and three-dimensional adjustment to realize the X-Y-Z full position adjustment of the welding torch.

Suitable for torch clamping of MIG/MAG, TIG, plasma, submerged arc welding and CNC cutting torch. Users can choose screw nut or T-screw drive, according to different needs.

Welding gun displacement combined cross slide and welding gun clamping mechanism

light duty manual cross slide and torch clamp

MR Series Manual Rotary Slide

mr series manual rotary sliders

The rotating manual slide are widely used in the welding machine head. It can be used in combination with the manual cross slide and the front and back inclination manual slide of welding torch to form a combined multi-degree-of-freedom (R, X, Y, Z, a) adjusting fixture of welding torch. It is a good supporting device for the system integration of the special welding machine, and a good guarantee for the welding workers to obtain perfect welds.


mr20 manual rotary sliders


mr60 manual rotary sliders


mjr60 manual rotary sliders

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