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CRA Clad Pipe | Corrosion Resistant Alloy

CRA clap pipe can help you to buff machines and equipment, enhancing corrosion resistance and strength.

WALDUN have more than 15 years’ experience in providing CRA clap pipes.

You can get high quality CRA clad pipes from WALDUN with competitive price and fast delivery.

Waldun’s CRA Clad Pipes

The CRA clad pipes that we offer here at Waldun come in two types, which are CRA clad seamless pipe and the CRA clad scrolled pipe.

CRA Clad Pipes

CRA Clad Scrolled Pipe

Waldun’s CRA clad scrolled pipe doesn’t have any limit for the upper inner diameter. For the radius, however, it’s required to be at the minimum of 100 mm.

You can choose to have any length for the CRA scrolled pipe. We also recommend the overlay thickness and the base thickness to be at ≧ 4mm and ≧ 5mm, respectively.

CRA Clad Seamless Pipe

For Waldun’s CRA clad seamless pipe, though, it’s perfect use to avoid and prevent weak joints, and for workpieces that have good-to-moderate amounts of roundness.

With the inner diameter, it’s required to be at a minimum of 80 mm. The length requirement of Waldun’s CRA clad seamless pipe should be ten (10) times the diameter.

Features of Waldun’s CRA Clad Pipes

Many companies and businesses choose Waldun’s corrosion resistant clad pipes because of the following features:

Features of CRA Clad Pipes

It conjures stability in hardness and toughness

The surface is flattened and smoothened out

It has proven wear and corrosion resistance

Provides excellent strength and durability

It’s extra-hard because of the fine distribution of chromium carbide

Applications of Our Corrosion-Resistant Clad Pipes

Waldun’s CRA clad pipes are best applied to instances and situations where chemicals are involved.

Applications of CRA Clad Pipes

The best examples would include silos, storages, chutes, fittings, and many more. However, the improvement that Waldun was able to create was that we made it fit to other uses, too!

Whether you’re in the petrochemical industry, the aerospace industry, marine and maritime industry, even in the mining industry, Waldun’s CRA clad seamless and scrolled pipes would benefit you!

CRA Clad Scrolled Pipe

CRA Clad
Scrolled Pipe

Inner diameter: No limit for upper

Inner radius: 100 mm (min.)

Length: No limit

Recommended overlay thickness: ≧4mm

Suggested base material thickness: ≧5mm

CRA Clad Seamless Pipe
CRA Clad
Seamless Pipe

Inner-hardfacing technique

Avoid weak joint

Good roundness

Inner diameter: 80 mm (Min.)

Length:10 times of diameter (Max.)

Recommended overlay thickness:≧4mm

Suggested base material thickness:≧5mm

Why WALDUN CRA Clad Pipe

  • Even distributed and fine chromium carbide precipitate
  • Outstanding wear resistance performance
  • Flat and smooth surface
  • Stable hardness
  • Excellent interface strength
  • High formability and machinability
  • We’re ISO 9001 certified, meaning all our procedures have been enhanced
  • We offer free samples to all potential clients
  • All products and deliveries are made within 2 to 3 weeks
  • Our CRA clad pipes are repairable by welding
  • Pipe diameter: bigger than 100 mm
  • Inner Material: Chromium Carbide
  • Connection: Flange, Butt Weld
  • Inner layer thickness: Over 3mm
  • Inner hardness: HRC60
  • Length of single root: unlimited
  • Extreme stress: Class A
  • Corrosion resistance: good
  • PACKING: Wooden case, bare package
  • Working temperature:-60 °C ~ 800 °C
  • REPAIRABLE: repairable by welding
  • Supply Cycle: 10 days
  • Payment: TT, LC, OA available
  • DRAWING DESIGN: available

What Other Products Do We Offer?

Other than CRA clad pipes, you can also trust Waldun if you need hard wearing steel plates, CCO plates, tungsten carbide plates – even other welding machines and equipment.

Contact us and get the CRA clad pipes you’ve always wanted! Get Class A and world-class quality products without spending a fortune!

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