Column & Boom Welding Machine – The Extensive FAQ Guide

Column & boom welding machines have been one of the most in demand welding machines. They’re popular because of the advantages and benefits they give welders.

How well do you know your column & boom welding machines?

This complete guide about column & boom welding manipulators will help you with all the knowledge you need! You’ll know everything about them!

Apart from that, we’ll also give you the best tips on where you should look to get the best machines!

Without further ado, let’s get on to the guide!

What is a Column & Boom Machine?

It’s’ a kind of a welding manipulator that can help you with many types of welding.

Column and Boom Machine

The boom is the welding arm or the welding extension hand. It reaches far places off of the workpiece, helping welders achieve complex welds easily.

The column is a machine where the boom can travel up and down, which is planted on the ground.

You can choose to use them for workpieces that are hard to large, hard to reach, and the like.

Here’s a quick video of what a column & boom welding machine is:

How Does a Column & Boom Welding Machine Function?

It functions as a type of machine that can perform the welding for you.

Column and Boom Function

Even if you use a manual column & boom, welders wouldn’t have to hold the weld head. The machine is fixed on the ground via the column, and the boom is the only part moving.

Welding Boom Design and Structure

The design of the welding boom is closely related to that of a robotic arm.

Welding Boom

It’s a machine that continuously moves the weld head closer to the surface of the workpiece. The common structure of a welding boom would include:

  • Boom Arc Swing
  • Rack
  • Gearbox and Gearbox Base
  • Boom Motor
  • Cable Chain

These are the primary parts of a welding boom; if one is missing, it might not be able to work and operate.

Is a Column & Boom a Welding Positioner?

A column & boom is not a welding positioner because it doesn’t move the workpiece.

Welding Positioner

It’s considered as a welding manipulator because the boom is the one moving.

Its main function is to move the welding material to the workpiece.

Oftentimes, a welding positioner is used with a column & boom welding manipulator.

It holds the workpiece in place and does the job of positioning it.

Mechanical Parts of a Column & Boom Welding Machine

A column & boom can be divided into four (4) parts: column and boom, base, and the carriage. Each of them have their own parts.

Welding Boom Single

The main mechanical parts of a column & boom machine includes:


  • Column & Elevation Gearbox
  • Column Safety and Elevation Rack
  • Limit Switches
  • Brackets
  • Column Strikers
  • Elevation Pinion


  • Motor
  • Shaft
  • Limit Switch
  • Cable Chains
  • Adjuster Plate (Gearbox)
  • Feet (Gearbox)
  • Boom Pinion
  • Rack

Column & Boom Welding Machine Electrical Parts

Column & boom welding machines have a lot of electrical parts. But, here are parts that are the most used and sought after:

  • Boom Motor Inverter
  • Relay
  • Terminals
  • Transformer
  • 1, 2, and 3 Pole Circuit Breakers
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Earth Terminals
  • Contactor
  • Fuse Holders

The parts of a column & boom welding machine will depend on the manufacturer.

Advantages of Using a Column & Boom Welding Machine

You can gain a lot of advantages if you use a column & boom welding machine.

Advantages of Using Column & Boom

But, the benefits would revolve around the safety of your welders, and the efficiency of the project. The most common ones include:

  • High quality of welds, including difficult and critical welds
  • Flexibility and versatility of the weld
  • Higher and better productivity
  • Welder and staff member safety and security
  • Decreased welder fatigue
  • Reduced floor space
  • And many more

What Workpieces Can You Work On Using a Column & Boom?

You can work on a wide variety of workpieces, especially those that are heavy and complex.

Workpieces You Can Work on

You’ll be able to work on pipes and tubes, tanks and vessels, even angular workpieces.

So long as it can impose a challenge to your welder, column & boom welding machines can help!

What Welding Can You Perform With a Column & Boom Machine?

A lot of people don’t know it, but they can perform many different welding processes using column & boom welding machines.

What Welding Can You Perform

SAW or submerged arc welding isn’t the only welding solution, it can also include:

  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) or TIG Welding
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or MIG Welding
  • Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Plasma Arc Welding (PAW)

Here’s a video of the different types and kinds of welding:

What’s a Welding Manipulator?

It’s a technology that helps in the welding process by moving the welder over the workpiece.

Welding Manipulator

Welding manipulators are just part of the many advancements in the welding sector.

How Does a Welding Manipulator Work?

You can understand to the fullest extent how a welding manipulator works. It’s actually simple.

How Does a Welding Manipulator Work

Its purpose is to move the welding head closer to the workpiece; it will allow you to reach parts and areas that a welder with high skills can.

In simpler terms, it enables and enhances the welder’s lifting capability so that it reaches closer to the workpiece or the part to be welded.

What’s a Column & Boom Welding Manipulator?

It’s a type of a welding manipulator that consists of the welding boom and the column.

Column and Boom Welding Manipulator

The column is what helps you to hold the workpiece in place, so that the welder can work on it. Welding booms are the part that helps you have complete coverage of the area being welded.

It’s a perfect machine you can use to handle any welding positions. It’s mainly used to weld on difficult parts of a particular machine or equipment.

What is a Welding Positioner?

It’s also a welding machine, which can help you automate the shifting of the workpiece.

Welding Positioner

Many people confuse weld positioners and weld manipulators, when they are actually two difference pieces of equipment.

Is Welding Positioner the Same as Welding Manipulator?

No, a welding manipulator is not the same as a welding positioner; in fact, they’re a lot different.

Same as Welding Positioner_

You would want to use a welding positioner if you want the workpiece to be kept in place. You would want to use a welding manipulator if you want to reach positions and angles that are far.

So, the welding positioner moves the workpiece, while the weld manipulator moves the weld head.

They have the same goal – to help you with your welding project.

However, they actually have different and separate functionalities and operations.

Why Should You Use a Welding Manipulator?

Why Should You Use a Welding Manipulator_

Welding manipulators can help you with any welding project. If you have welding projects that are difficult to complete, welding manipulators can aid and assist you.

Even the most skilled and the most talented welder would have limitations; that’s what welding manipulators are for.

Who Needs to Use a Welding Manipulator?

You would need to use a welding manipulator if you have a project that has far reach. Meaning, if there are areas that a regular welder can’t reach, using a welding manipulator can help.

In fact, in many welding projects today, almost all welders prefer using it because of its ease.

Who Can You Trust For Your Column & Boom Welding Machines?

Column & boom welding machines aren’t that hard to find in the market.

What you may find challenging is in choosing between many different options. But, if you’re looking for the best and the most reliable company, WALDUN is in the top spot.

WALDUN is known as China’s number one manufacturer for welding equipment. You can browse through the catalog that we have.

Alternatively, you can also ask us to customize the column & boom welding machine you need!

We’ve been the most trusted and the most sought after welding machine manufacturer; clients love working with us!

WALDUN Offers a 1-Year Warranty on All Machines

Whatever welding equipment or machine you ask of us, you can expect a 1-year warranty for it.

Purchase a machine from us and expect a lifetime of support for it! We have the best engineers and welding experts that can help you with whatever problems your machines are having!

Contact us today and get the highest quality of column & boom welding manipulators you can get!

Column & Boom Welding Machines

welding manipulator

Within China, Waldun is the number one, most trusted column & boom welding machine manufacturer. We’re able to produce many different types and kinds of column & boom machines.

Whether you need a column & boom for submerged arc welding (SAW), Tungsten or Metal inert gas (TIG or MIG) welding, even flux-cored arc (FCAW) welding, Waldun is your best choice!

Waldun is a company with various certifications from all across the globe. We have ISO certifications, as well as CE certifications for all our products and our services. 

Waldun’s Column & Boom Welding Machines

Our column & boom welding machines aren’t just limited to a singular type of machine. Waldun can detail whatever specifications you want for your welding equipment.


The revolve angle drive of the column motor of Waldun’s colmn & boom welding machines have ± 180 degrees; better than what other manufacturers are offering.

Also, the travel stroke of the booms we have can reach up to 3,000 mm, with its travel speed ranging naturally from 100 to 2,000 mm per minute.

You’ll definitely thank Waldun for simplifying all your welding procedures and processes; in the ways you wanted it to be.

Standard Package Includes:

  •   Welding manipulators and traveling cart
  •   Remote control box adjust:
  •   Vertical and horizontal boom  movement; Trolley motion
  •   Operation manual
  •   One year warranty


  • Flux recovery unit
  • Electric welding head cross slide
  • Trolley cable organizer
  • Rail track for trolley
  • Variable speed on traveling cart from 0.12 up to 1.20 m/minute
  • Work platform and operator’s seat only in WM 5050 and larger

Standard column and boom welding manipulators size, other custom column booms can be customized.

Vertical Expansion Horizontal Expansion
   (m) (feet)    (m) (feet)
WM 1515     1.5 5.0     1.5 5.0
WM 2020     2.0 5.56     2.0 6.56
WM 3030     3.0 10     3.0 10
WM 4040     4.0 13.12     4.0 13.12
WM 5050     5.0 16.40     5.0 16.40
WM 6060     6.0 20     6.0 20
WM 7060     7.0 23.0     6.0 20
WM 8060     8.0 26.24     6.0 20

Why Choose Waldun’s Column & Boom Machines?

All of our column & boom welding machines or manipulators can get you these benefits:

Why Choose Waldun's Column & Boom

  • Faster deposition rate of the weld material
  • Safer and more secure staff members and welders
  • Higher productivity rate
  • Less or reduced labor
  • More savings
  • And many more!

Waldun’s column & boom machines are so effective that many companies continue to trust us!

Column & Boom Welding Machine Applications

Applications of Column & Boom

Which business placed trust in Waldun? To give you a simple answer, they’re businesses engaged in fabrication, assembly, and welding applications.

The most common applications for our column & boom welding machines include:

  • Pressure vessels and pressure tanks
  • Boilers
  • Water tanks and storages
  • Automotive industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Mineral and coal mining industry
  • Oil & generation industry

You can also work with Waldun if you’re a distributor or a retailer! We work with everyone!

Why Trust Waldun?

We were able to achieve the number one spot in manufacturing column & boom welding machines by:

  • Offering complete excellence in installation and in aftersales services
  • Ensuring that the client receives their orders within 15 days
  • Providing utmost care to the machines by ordering reliable electronic components
  • Regularly training our engineers and welding experts

Waldun is truly the best welding machine manufacturer in the industry. We can customize the column & boom to however you want it!

Other than welding manipulators, Waldun can also manufacture other products, including welding positioners, tank and pipe turning rolls, welding rotary turntables, welding overlay machines, and many more!

Contact Us Now!

Wherever you might be, you can expect Waldun to ship and deliver your orders fast!

Acquire the column & boom welding machines your business needs without paying for absurd amounts and rates!

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