Wear Plate For Coal And Energy

Wear Plate For Coal And Energy

Coal chemical industry

The screen of the coking plant vibrating screen coke machine is very worn due to a large amount of screened coke, which is a typical wearing part in the cooking industry.

It takes about a day to replace the screen, which significantly affects the production schedule.

The wear overlay plate is used to manufacture the screen, which has been used continuously for more than 6-7 months and has screened 250 thousand tons of coke.

The inlet and liners of the feeder of the coking plant are also wearing parts with severe wear and tear, which are unsolved production problems for a long time.

The entrance and liners made of wear overlay plates have been used for more than one year. The inlet has not been repaired and replaced once. The surface of the wear liners layer has little wear and tear. According to preliminary estimates, the service life can be increased by 8-10 times.

Coal preparation industry

In the coal preparation system, adopts pipe accessories such as elbows and tees, media pipes, media diverter boxes, pump bodies, sieve plates, falling coal chutes, cyclones overflow pipes, and feed protection boxes and other equipment. These overlay plates are subjected to medium to strong shocks, wear and abrasive wear equipment.

The use of high-chromium wear-resistant composite plates to prepare wear-resistant pipes and fittings or lay composite plates in the chute as a wear-resistant layer can significantly improve the wear resistance of the equipment, extend its service life, and have functional applications.

The processed high-chromium wear-resistant composite plate is welded to the inside of the easy-to-wear pipeline using plug welding or bolt connection, that is, a wear-resistant pipe with excellent wear resistance and impact resistance is made. It can also be directly cut to make wear-resistant parts for installation, such as direct cutting to make wear-resistant elbows to improve the wear resistance of the equipment.

Coal-fired power plant

Utilizing high chromium wear-resistant plates to produce coal ash conveying pipelines for power plants, medium-speed coal mill components, crusher components, primary fan blades, coal mill inlet boxes, powder separator feed hoppers, guide blades, buffer plates, and air treatment systems, transport aircraft, and other equipment.

It can reduce the number of workpiece inspections and replacements, reduce the labor intensity of workers, prolong the service life of workpieces, and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.


  • Loading & Unloading Chutes
  • Vibrating Feeder Liners
  • Transfer Points (Change of direction)
  • Bin Liners, i.e., Surge Hoppers,
  • Reject Mill and Skirt Liners
  • Deflector Liners
  • Flop Gate Liners
  • Washer Pipework
  • Plough Blades, Reclaimer liners
  • Spools
  • Crusher liners
  • Train/Ship Loading and Unloading
  • Chute Liners
  • Vibratory Feeder Liners
  • Screen Plates
  • Spiral Chutes reducers and bends

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