Cladding Welding Machine – The Full Guide

In applying clad materials, it is imperative that you use the most appropriate cladding welding machine.

But which one should you choose? There are different clad welding machines in the market and in this guide; we’ll walk you through identifying which cladding weld machine you should purchase.

What is an Aluminum Cladding Machine?

An aluminum cladding machine is an equipment you can use for the cladding of aluminum and other similar materials.

What Is An Aluminum Cladding Machine
An example of an aluminum cladding machine, creating composite aluminum panels

More often than not, your end products would be aluminum composite panels, which are needed by a lot of sectors and industries.

When Were Clad Metals Developed?

In the most recent studies that have been pursued, clad metals were seen to have developed back in the early 1930s.

When Were Clad Metals Developed
A metal cladded fire door

Unlike today, the first clad metals were discovered to be made from the base of carbon steel, with nickel bonded to it.

Back then, experts and manufacturers used clad metals to produce and manufacture tanks, cars, railroads, vessels, and other heavy-duty machines and equipment.

What Are Most Clad Metals Made Of?

More often than not, clad metals are made from various cladding materials.

Cylindrical Shaped Tubing

Fourty-nine assorted cylindrical metal pieces made of brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel

Nickel-based alloys, one of the primary composites of clad metals

They can be anything from nickel alloys, copper alloys, or stainless steel that has been welded to alloy steel or carbon.

This is the regular and the traditional composite of clad metals. Now, they’re made from fusion welding or gluing of two (2) or more dissimilar materials together.

The Top Cladding Welding Machine Manufacturers in the Market Today

Clad welding machines aren’t easy to find, especially in the market we currently have.

Nevertheless, there are various brands and manufacturing companies that are deemed to be the best and the most trusted.

These companies are:

  • Everlast
  • Fronius
  • AHP Tools, Inc.
  • ESAB Welders
  • Miller Electric
  • Lincoln Electric

They’re the biggest names in the welding industry, and you’ll never go wrong in choosing them to be your supplier.

The only downsides of working with them would be in relation to stock availability and pricing.

Since they’re world-renowned companies, many businesses line up to get their products and services; therefore, they’re at a position where they can place their materials to be expensive.

Furthermore, they could have fewer stocks because of the continuous flow of clients and supplications they need to push through.

Where Can You Use Clad Welding Machines?

So you think you need cladding welding machines, but do you know exactly what it’s for?

Where Can You Use Clad Welding Machines
Turbine blades cladded for maximum protection and corrosion resistance

The essence of utilizing clad metal is to ensure that the surface of your part or component would not wear out quickly.

Therefore, the most common of its applications include the enhancement of:

  • Mining Bits
  • Rollers and Mills
  • Forging Dies
  • Buckets and Excavator Parts
  • Extruders
  • Valve and Pump Components
  • Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) Pipes, Elbows, Tees, Etc.
  • Turbine Blades
  • Aerospace and Automotive Engines
  • And Many More

Clad welding equipment and machines are versatile and flexible; you wouldn’t experience any shortage of its uses.

Should You Just Rent or Buy Cladding Welding Machines?

In case you’re not aware, welding machines are heavy-duty materials.

Should You Just Rent Or Buy Clad Welding Machines
A high-powered clad welding machine

It might be a crucial decision for you to choose between renting or purchasing… but how do you choose?

How Much Would You Use the Machine?

How you would use the machine would greatly influence your decision of choosing between renting and purchasing.

As a general rule, if you would be using the machine more than 60 to 70%, it’s highly recommended that you purchase one.

How Much Budget Do You Have?

Obviously, the rate for renting a cladding welding machine is much cheaper than if you would purchase one.

Although in most cases, you’ll have a budget that would suffice the instance of purchasing, you might be able to save a lot of money if you carefully consider whether or not you’re going to use it long-term.

Do You Need More Than 1?

All manufacturers of cladding welding machines offer huge discounts if you purchase more than one (1) machine; so if you’re going to need more than one, purchasing would give you a lot of discounts.

These are the things you need to consider in order for you to find it easier in deciding if you need to rent or purchase cladding welding machines.

Technical Parameters of Cladding Machines You Should Know About

Technical parameters are like specifications; they’re the things that can make up the overall performance of your clad welding machines.

Technical Parameters Of Cladding Machines You Should Know About
Pipe cladding machines offered by Waldun

The technical parameters you need to consider before you purchase cladding welding machines are:

  • Equipment Operation Capability
  • Voltage
  • Speed
  • Shaft Diameter
  • Sheet Thickness Capacity
  • Material Width Capacity
  • Roll Forming Machine (Size)
  • Total Power

These are just some of the specifications that you need to check before you decide on which clad welding machine you’ll be purchasing.

Which Cladding Welding Machine Manufacturer Should You Trust?

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