clad pipe

Cladding Pipe

Chromium Carbide Overlay 

Cladding pipe is a pipe cladded by a pipe cladding machine. Cladding pipe usually is a metallurgical attachment of clad material to a pipe. If you are looking for such pipes, you can contact WALDUN.

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Cladding Pipe Details:

  • Cladding pipe – chromium carbide overlay consists of Q235 steel pipe and chromium carbide wear-resistant layer, which generally accounts for 1/3-2/3 of the total thickness of the pipe.
  • Between the wear-resistant layer and the base material is the Metallurgy Union, the wear-resistant layer will not fall off, can withstand the big impact;
  • The processing and forming of wear pipe adopts two methods of rolling wear-resistant steel plate or directly surfacing welding in seamless pipe
  • The wear-resistant layer formed by surfacing welding inside the tube has the same performance as the wear-resistant steel plate
  • The method of surfacing welding wear-resistant pipe is flanged connection and welded connection
  • Build-up welding wear-resistant pipe can be processed into elbow, tee, cone, square pipe and so on
  • The minimum CRIMP radius is 20 times the thickness of the plate.

Cladding Pipe Characteristics:


Adopt numerical control equipment, automatic inner wall surfacing welding chromium carbide alloy material, wear-resistant grain wear performance, adopt metallurgical fusion method, wear-resistant layer and base material realize metallurgical bond, namely atomic bond. The thickness of wear-resistant layer is 1 ~ 20mm, and the wear resistance is about 3-5 times of that of ordinary steel pipe.


The base pipe of the hardfacing wear-resistant pipe is made of low carbon steel pipe with good plasticity, which is metallurgically bonded to the wear-resistant layer and can absorb a large amount of energy during the process of being impacted, with strong impact resistance and crack resistance, it can be applied to vibration, impact of strong working conditions.

Cutting features:

Due to the use of soft base pipe, can be plasma, carbon arc and other heat source cutting, can be welded into shape, so that the field welding work becomes time-saving and convenient.

Pressure characteristics:

External use of high-quality steel pipe or steel plate hot pressing system, after good welding, make elbow in 10Kg / CM2 pressure above, no problem, will not occur because of local leakage, and the phenomenon of material diversion.

Cladding Pipe Technical Parameter:

  • Pipe diameter: bigger than 100 mm
  • Inner Material: Chromium Carbide
  • Connection: Flange, Butt Weld
  • Inner layer thickness: Over 3mm
  • Inner hardness: HRC60
  • Length of single root: unlimited
  • Extreme stress: Class A
  • Corrosion resistance: good
  • PACKING: Wooden case, bare package
  • Working temperature:-60 °C ~ 800 °C
  • REPAIRABLE: repairable by welding
  • Supply Cycle: 10 days
  • Payment: TT, LC, OA available
  • DRAWING DESIGN: available

Cladding Pipe Applications:

  • Metallurgical and power industry: transport coal powder, Ash, slurry, gypsum slurry and other metal pipes.
  • Mining: The pipe used to transport ore fines,the service life of this pipe can be increased about five times, comparing to previous pipes.
  • Coal: Coal Preparation and long-distance pipeline transportation are generally wet transportation, which requires both wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipeline, which can be used as a long-life pipeline, with considerable economic benefits.

How we produce clad pipe?

  • The wear pipe is mainly made by hardfacing technology, the mechanical part of the equipment is designed reasonably, the electric part adopts the key surface input data, which can be connected with other equipment and welding machine freely The walking speed can be adjusted at any time according to the need, the welding pass can be arranged automatically, the welding wire can be deposited continuously, the wire feeding is automatic, the swing speed and width of the welding torch can be set by yourself; In the welding process, the height of welding torch is automatically tracked by independent research and Development System to improve the overall efficiency.

Clad pipe transport and installation

  • Hardfacing wear-resisting pipe can be installed directly by welding. Because of the high resistance of the wear-resisting layer, it is very convenient to knock, cut, replace, repair and install the pipe at will when local scaling and blocking occurs in the pipe guide.