Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) Wear Plate

WALDUN is able to experiment and effectively manufacture Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) Wear Plate using open arc welding with advanced fusion technology.

Due to this, Waldun was able to apply chromium carbide that is highly resistant to abrasion onto a steel substrate. Furthermore, our team was also able to produce consistent microstructure and chemistry down the brim.

  • WALDUN chromium carbide overlay plates are manufactured and processed through the welding of one (1) or more layers of wear-resistant materials.
  • Chromium carbide overlay plate is taken under low – to medium carbon steel base plate.
  • The used alloy for overlay contains high levels of Chromium carbide-hard particles, making the plates have better resistance to wear and impact.
  • Chromium carbide overlay alloy thickness range: 3 to 25mm
  • Chromium carbide plates sizes available in mm: 1400 x 3000; 1400 x 3400; 1400 x 3500; 2100 x 3500; and customized.

Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) Wear Plate Technicals

Chromium carbide overlay plate overview:

Standard: BS, DIN, GB, JS, AiSI, ASTM

Grades Available: Q235 and Q345 + Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO)

Location of Origin: Suzhou, China

Name of the Brand: WALDUN

Model Number: WED 3+3, 4+4, 5+5, 6+4 and etc.

Type of Material: Bimetallic Wear Resistant Steel & Steel Plate

Techniques Used in Manufacturing: Hardfacing, Open Arc Welding, Submerged Arc Welding

Surface Treatment Used: Hardfacing, Cladding, Coated, Overlaying, Chromium Carbide Overlay Coated

Application: Cement, Coal, Mining, Power, Glass, Steel, Port,

Special Usage: Wear Resistant Steel

Width: Available in the following:

  • 1400mm;
  • 2100mm; and
  • Customized depending on your need

Length: Available in the following:

  • 3000mm;
  • 3400mm;
  • 3500mm; and
  • Customized depending on your need

Tolerance: ±1%

Processing Services You Can Use it For: Bending, Cutting & Slicing, Punching, and Welding

Product Name: Chromium Carbide Overlay Hardfacing Wear Plate Liner

Material: Q235 and Q345 + Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO

Base Metal: Q235 &Q345

Wear Resistance Capacity: High Wear Abrasion Resistance (AR)

Chemical Composition: Carbon (C): 3.0-5.0% & Chromium (Cr): 25-40%

Hardness Value: HRC58-65

Micro Structure: Carbide (Cr7C3); with its volume fraction above 50%

Flatness Tolerance: ±3mm/m

Impact Resistance: Medium Level


Our Advantages

  • Quality Assurance:
    • Normal Surface or Smooth Surface + High Wear Resistance
    • 58 to 65 HRC with 25 to 40% high chrome content, carbide (Cr7C3), and a volume fraction exceeding 50%
  • Professional:
    • Under our employ are highly experienced technical experts and surface engineers. We have the best R&D team
  • OEM&ODM:
    • You can customize all your orders, depending on your business needs
  • Standards:
    • WALDUN apply to following standards: ASTM G65, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and etc.

Company Information

After Sales

If you’re looking for a manufacturer with an excellent aftersales service team, you’ve come to the right place!

All of our experts have relevant years of experience in everything about wear plates and hardfacing. You can count on their experience and skill from product knowledge – to real-time application of machines and equipment, as well as the products.

Should you have any concerns, feel free to shoot us an email. Our entire team can guarantee 100% solutions to your problems within 12 hours from the time of confirmation and/or notification.

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What is the Hardness of the Chromium Carbide Plate?

Chrome carbide plate welding layers have extreme-level hardness.

Flatness of Chromium Carbide Plates

Typically, you can have surface hardness that can reach HRC 58 to 62, and a micro hardness that can go upwards of HV 1700 to 2000.

What is the Flatness of Chromium Carbide Plate?

The typical flatness that Chrome carbide plates have must be controlled in the range of ±3 mm per m.

Polished Hardfaced Chromium Carbide Overlay (cco) Wear Plate

Waldun’s advanced welding processes can strictly control welding deformation, minimizing it to its fullest extent.

Moreover, after welding, we here at Waldun use a welding machine; it’s what we use to level our Chrome carbide plates. In fact, our Chrome carbide overlay plates can reach industry levels even without a leveler.

How to Cut to the Length of the Chromium Carbide Plate?

You can actually get the exact length of the Chrome carbide plate you need.

Plasma cutting is the most common method, as well as the most relied on. However, there are other methods available.

They include water jet cutting, as well as high-powered lasers.

How do you Weld Stud on Chromium Carbide Plates?

Stud welding is what you need to do to link Chrome carbide plates to other components.

Wear Liner With Stud Welding

Basically, the principle is that the Chrome carbide plate is fastened by the stud’s welding torch. One of the ends of the stud is touching the plate’s surface, then the arc welding will start.

What Kind of Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate is more Suitable for Acid Enviroments?

A myriad of Chrome carbide plate types can effectively and efficiently be used in high acid environments.

But, you will find it better and more effective if you utilize plates with high carbon content.

What Standards are required for Chromium Carbide Plates?

Different countries require different standards for their Chrome carbide plates.

We here at Waldun are certified in the Asian, American, European, and Australian standards. You can check out the certifications we’re certified against when you craft the transaction with us!

What Powders can be Used for Welding Chromium Carbide Plates?

You can use a wide range of powders for welding Chrome carbide plates.

From atomized iron welding powders to sponge irons powders, you can choose depending on what you need!

Where Can You Find the most effective Chromium carbide overlay plates?

There are a lot of makers as well as vendors of the Chromium carbide overlay plate in the market. We below at Waldun are thought about as the finest and also the most trustworthy.

We’ve been specializing in wear plate because 2005, and also we get on a consistent improvement to offer top quality Chromium carbide overlay plate to our customers.

Why Trust WALDUN For Your Chromium carbide overlay plate?

All our Chromium carbide overlay plates have been crafted and formulated with interest, gaining from each customer we come across. The equipment we utilize is cutting edge, as well as are likewise produced by us.

You can trust us for the supplication of Chromium carbide plate, for we’ve collaborated with numerous services in the past decades. You can expect your plate to be supplied to you within 20 days from the date of your order.

Plus, we can offer you a free example to see if it’s what you’re searching for! When you choose us for your Chromium carbide plate needs right here at Waldun, you will never fall short!

How long is the delivery time of chromium carbide overlay plate?

Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-25 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Can i get free sample of chromium carbide overlay plate?

Yes, you can get the sample free of charge.

What is payment terms of chromium carbide overlay plate?

We accept TT,LC.If you have good credit, we can accept OA.


Can i get after service if i buy chromium carbide overlay plate?

WALDUN has a professional after-sales service team and we are able to quickly solve customer’s problems. If there are any quality problems, the responsible person will provide reasonable solutions within 12 hours after being notified.

Where Can You Buy Chromium Carbide Overlay Plates?

You can purchase chromium carbide plates from many different suppliers all around the globe. But if you want the highest quality of chromium carbide plates, we here at Waldun can offer it to you. We’re the fastest-growing hardfacing and wear plate provider in the region. You can trust us!

What Should You Think about Before Buying a Chromium carbide overlay plate?

Many experts suggest thinking about some things before buying a Chromium carbide overlay plate. These referrals consist of:

  • Chemistry of the Chromium carbide overlay plate

There is a Chromium carbide plate that contains different chemistries for their chromium carbide plates. These chemistries can enhance and also add whatever your workpiece is.

Search for chemistries that would boost your parts or parts, not ruin it.

  • Size and Thickness

Bigger is frequently better– especially when it comes to Chromium carbide plate. The larger, more challenging, and thicker a plate is, the better.

  • Its principal objective is to secure your equipment.

These are simply 2 of the things you require to take into consideration. Avoid only buying an arbitrary Chromium carbide plate because it can break your workpiece instead of boosting and creating it.

How Can You Order Chromium Carbide Overlay Plates?

You can order chromium carbide plates in the same way of how you order regular AR steels. If you have a supplier in mind, you can contact them via their hotlines. Alternatively, you can also send them an email about it. It would be better to let them know of the amount beforehand.

Let’s review each of them in details.