Chromium Carbide Overlay Plates

Designed For Areas With Moderate Impact And Severe Abrasion. Waldun have material in Stock. Ship very fast. Types: Complex Chromium Carbide Overlay.

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overlay wear plate


  • Chemical Composition: chromium carbide steel plate is a kind of wear-resistant alloy, with a lot of hard particles of chromium carbide deposited on the medium and low carbon base metal.
  • Standard thickness of chromium carbide plates mainly include: 3+3、4+4、5+5、6+4、6+5、6+6、8+5、8+6、8+8、10+5、10+6、10+7、10+8、10+10、12+5、12+6、12+7、12+8、12+10、12+11、12+12、14+6、14+8、14+10、16+6、16+8、16+10、18+6、18+8、18+10、20+6、20+8、20+10、30+10、40+10
  • Micro-structure: The volume fraction of Cr7C3 carbide in the metal lo-graphic structure of wear-resistant layer is more than 50% .
  • Hardness: According to the wear-resistant layer thickness, different usage, wear-resistant alloy surface hardness HRC56-65, the highest hardness of Chromium Carbide can be HV1800.
  • WEAR RESISTANCE: According to lab test for  wear resistance, WALDUN chrome carbide overlay steel is 20 times that of low carbon steel.  And 8 times that of heat treated wear resistant steel. Test data of surface wear resistance and 75% depth wear resistance of ASTM-G65A dry sand show that it has high wear resistance.
  • Flatness: flatness control in ±3mm/M.
  • Thickness : alloy layer thickness uniformity, thickness tolerance 0-0. 5 mm.
  • Other thickness chromium carbide wear plates can also be customized, welcome to inquiry.



  • The content of chromium in the chemical composition of wear-resistant layer is as high as 25 ~ 40%; The content of chromium in common wear-resistant plate is only 10 ~ 20%.
  • The volume fraction of Cr7C3 carbide in metallographic structure is more than 50%; The volume fraction of ordinary wear-resistant plate is less than 30%.
  • The hardness of wear-resistant layer is high and uniform. The hardness is HRC60-65; The hardness of the ordinary wear-resistant plate is not uniform, and the hardness is less than 60.
  • The thickness of wear-resistant layer is uniform and the tolerance is controlled between 0 ~ 0.5 mm; Ordinary wear-resistant plate wear-resistant layer thickness is mostly uneven.
  • The flatness and flatness of the plate surface are controlled at 3mm/M; The common wear-resistant plate is uneven and seriously deformed.
  • Wear resistance is 5 to 6 times higher than heat treatment wear-resistant Steel; Ordinary wear-resistant plate wear resistance is poor or no wear resistance.

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