TecknoWeld Case Study: Waldun as an Overall Solution

TecknoWeld is a company that provides wear solutions to businesses and clients. They are globally acknowledged as the leader in providing state-of-the-art and quality products to whatever client or business that heed their assistance.

Their mission is to be able to provide wear and protection applications for their clients through various and different processes such as hardfacing and weld overlay procedures.

What Does TecknoWeld Do?

Source: TecknoWeld Alloys

TecknoWeld is recognized to be a company that provides a wide range of processes. They cater to wear protection of several industries that include:

  • Iron & Steel Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Cement and Construction Industry
  • Coal-Fired Power
  • And Many More

Different Processes That TecknoWeld Does

They’re known for a wide variety of solutions, which include hardfacing, weld overlay, cladding, and so on.

TecknoWeld Processes
Source: TecknoWeld Alloys

Their focus is with the application of wear-resistant plates to companies in the industries mentioned above.

A part of their goal is to be able to provide wear-resistant solutions to various sectors; and that’s what they are successfully doing now.

Creation of Raw Materials

In addition to that, they’re also engaged in activities such as creation of wear-resistant products. Currently, they have the following products available:

TecknoWeld Overlay Machines
Source: TecknoWeld Machines

  • Titanium Carbides
  • Tungsten Carbides
  • Simple Chromium Carbides
  • Tungsten & Chromium Carbides
  • Complex Carbides

But, that’s not all; because as of this moment, they’re cooking up other products, too. Here’s what they’re aiming for:

  • Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Wear Plates
  • Internal Cladded Pipes
  • Nano Carbides
  • Super Polished Wear Plates
  • Pattern Bead Wear Plates
  • 2 On 2 Ultra Thin Wear Plates

These will all be possible if they have and acquire the needed equipment and machineries. Their planned applications on the future are still on anvil, waiting for maturity and completion.

Which Countries Do They Service?

Through years of experience and investment, they were able to expand their reaches and their services to five (5) different continents, twenty-one (21) different countries. These include:


  • China
  • India
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia


  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa


  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Finland


  • New Zealand
  • Australia

South America

  • Chile
  • Brazil

Equipment, Machines, and Components TecknoWeld Uses

TecknoWeld Creation of Raw Materials
Source: TecknoWeld Alloys

TecknoWeld wouldn’t be successful all the way if it weren’t for the equipment they use for hardfacing and weld overlay procedures. They were able to source and get their equipment from a Chinese company – Waldun.

Weld Overlay Machines

In total, TeknoWeld purchased 36 Weld Overlay machines for from us here at Waldun.

Weld Overlay Machines
Source: Hitachi Zosen JP

The machines are a mix of the weld overlay equipment we offer, from the one head hardfacing equipment we have, to the  PTA welding equipment we’ve specially made and manufactured.

These are what they utilized; helping them climb up to the #1 spot in India. TecknoWeld heeded our support here at Waldun for their weld overlay and weld overlay equipment and solutions.

Because of this, they easily beat their competitors without any other threats in the market. Their continuous patronization of our equipment and machines is what made their clients trust them more and better.

Manufacturing and Raw Material Creation Machines

Apart from the weld overlay machines, part of the 36 machines they purchased were also manufacturing equipment.

Raw Material Creation
Source: PSM Industries

Their TecknoWeld Ultraplates are made, formed, and produced using the machineries and the equipment they bought and purchased from us here at Waldun.

This just paints the picture of our equipment here at Waldun being effective, efficient, and high quality.

About Our Company-Who is Waldun?

Waldun is known to be the best Weld Overlay solutions in the country.  Providing a wide spectrum of services ranging from the usual weld overlay, cladding, and hardfacing processes, to the manufacturing of machines and equipment for that very purpose.

Since 2005, there’s been nothing but continuous and never-ending improvement on our part. We carefully look at and study many different aspects of weld overlay; and that brings all the equipment we use and utilize to the next level.

We Improve Our Clients’ Businesses

As a part of our mission, we’ve always wanted to help our clients with their businesses. It was a difficult part at first but then we were able to come up with solutions for it.

It started out with us providing weld overlay processes for companies that needed it. Back then, we were adept and skilled in providing basic wear-resistant plate overlay procedures. We learned, grew, and eventually, decided to create equipment and machines that we wanted for our business.

Now, we don’t just help out businesses with weld overlay procedures. Instead, we help them both ways – by providing the service, and by providing the equipment they can use to perform weld overlay procedures themselves.

The Best Weld Overlay Products in the Market

TecknoWeld trusted us by purchasing 36 different machines; it actually makes up the entirety of their plant. They’ve placed their full trust in us because of the results we have yielded and given them.

Through the provision of high quality, functional, and cutting-edge equipment, TecknoWeld became number 1; and it’s all thanks to the manufacturing and the creation of machines that we produced here at Waldun.

Whatever weld overlay procedures you need; or if you want to get your company the most sought after weld overlay equipment, don’t hesitate to choose Waldun.

Apart from the weld overlay machines, we also have the best people and experts. All our engineers carefully study and formulate the manufacturing of machines. If there’s one word that can describe us and our services – it’s perfection.

Waldun Can be the Complete Solution for Your Weld Overlay Needs

Do you need a weld overlay procedure done? Or are you in the search for the most effective and the most efficient weld overlay machines and equipment for your business? Whatever it is you need, Waldun can be the business you can fully lean and count on.

We service the entire globe! So long as you need help may it be with a weld overlay procedure, or if you need any types and kinds of weld overlay equipment, you can definitely and absolutely trust us.