Carbide Welding Rod

Waldun is China’s number one manufacturer of carbide welding rod. We can produce up to 10 tons of tungsten carbide welding rods on a daily basis.

Whether you’ll use it for hardfacing, or if you’re going to use it for cladding, you can bank and count on Waldun’s wide catalog of carbide welding rods.

Waldun’s selection of carbide welding rods is excellent against the types of wear. So, if you are engaged in high impact, friction, and temperature activities, you’ll find our carbide welding electrodes beneficial.

Waldun’s Carbide Welding Rod

You can choose from the vast grade selection that we have. Whether you need carbide welding electrodes that are under the YL grade, electrodes under the YF grade, or those in the YU grade, Waldun can guarantee delivery.

Carbide Welding Rod

We’ll be able to supply you blank rods, finished rods, straight rods with two holes, straight rods with single holes, and so on.

Waldun can make sure that the carbide welding rod or electrode you’ll get would be of a high quality.

Features of Our Carbide Welding Rods

You wouldn’t experience any shortages in choosing Waldun’s carbide welding rods.

Features of Our Carbide Welding Rods

Our carbide welding rods have excellent tolerance and resistance

Contains thermal and chemical stability


Made in HIP or Special Hot Isostatic Press Procedure

Duly coated with protective material

Applications Of Our Carbide Welding Electrodes

You can choose to use Waldun’s carbide welding rods in a lot of different applications.

Applications of Carbide Welding Rods

Many use it to create tools and accessories, while some businesses and companies utilize it for hardfacing.

Whatever industry you’re in, you will find Waldun’s carbide welding rods the only electrode you need to enhance and fully develop your machinery.

We also entertain and work with retailers and distributors who are interested in our product.

Capabilities of Waldun  

For more than 15 years, we have fully improved our capabilities in producing and manufacturing carbide welding rods. We started from trying out production, to having our own Research & Development (R&D) team.

Waldun’s carbide welding rods are made from 100% natural and raw materials. The base metals we utilize are from China’s largest millign companies.

Why Choose Waldun’s Carbide Welding Rods?

Your orders, upon confirmation, would arrive in 2 to 3 weeks

Waldun can customize your order, depending on what and how you need it

Packaging of our carbide welding rods can come in wooden cases, bag packages, or drums

We have our own laboratory with chemists and expert engineers

Waldun is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company

Other Products We Offer?

Carbide welding rods are just one of the many specialties we have here in Waldun.

Other than that, we can also produce and manufacture welding manipulators, welding positioners, CCO plates, wear plates, hardfacing welding wires, and others!

Reach out to us and contact us to know more about the many products we can help you with! Purchase the specific carbide welding rod that you need from Waldun at a fair price!