Carbide Plates

Chromium& Tungsten & Silicon

WALDUN is a top Chinese company to supply Chromium& Tungsten & Silicon carbide plates. You can put our name on your supplier lists to check, if you are looking for a reliable carbide plates’ supplier.

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WALDUN has complete manufacturing system to produce good quality carbide plates. We also supply wear pipes, elbows, customized parts and etc. You are always welcome to visit our factory in Suzhou, China.

WALDUN Carbide Plates=Higher Quality, Competitive Price, Faster Delivery


Why WALDUN is Expert in Carbide Plates?

15+ Years’ Experiences in Carbides Plates Massive Production.

Cooperated with Big international groups.

The production equipment is under our own R&D production. WALDUN improve the quality of the equipment and carbide plates at the same time. No company knows better about wear solutions than us.

Relying on China’s strong supply chain system, WALDUN can provide carbide plates more quickly and steadily.

Why WALDUN Carbide Plates are Different

  • Have complete laboratory, which can better control the quality control of products and R&D of new wear products.
  • The annual output value is over 1 million USD, with 40 welding heads, 1 flux cored welding wire line, 2 pipe cladding systems, and 2 plasma cutting machines.
  • In house R&D and can develop specific products for customized use.
  • Thickness from 3 on 3 to 32 on 30 in sizes up to 2800 x 3200 to meet varying market demands.
  • Can provide cut to length or cutting-edge wear plates, save you cost and time.

Good quality and fast delivery time is our market advantages. WALDUN have a very strong manufacturing capacity. We can produce 300 square meter carbide plates each day. So you will always can get a quality carbide plate very fast.

Key raw materials such as Ferro alloys are procured from premium European manufacturers to ensure consistency in quality. Flux cored wires required in our manufacturing are produced in-house, thus ensuring sound control on the quality of end product.

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Chromium Carbide Plates

  • Chromium carbide plates or steel liners are used in many applications where friction between two parts or materials creates degradation. Wear plate steel plate may bolt onto a machine that slides in and out or up and down in a manufacturing process, while they can also be found where manufactured parts or minerals are regularly rubbing or abrasively contacting the machined plate.

Ball mill liner Tungsten Carbide Plates

  • Tungsten carbide plate is composed of Q235 or Q345 steel plate and wear-resistant layer. The base of the wear-resistant layer is metallurgic bonding, which fixed with low hydrogen sodium type flux-coated welding wire and other individual welding electrodes. One or more layers can compound it.

Ordering Carbide Plates from WALDUN

In some cases, we can modify your equipment to incorporate these carbide plates when not in the original equipment design. If your equipment has lost some efficiency or does not hold the same tolerances as new, inspect the worn parts. There could be an easy and cost effective fix to the problem.

Carbide wear plates have been one of the most popular options for machine improvement. But what is it entirely to be wanted by many companies and businesses?

In case you have all those questions in mind, don’t worry – we’ll help you!

Who Can You Trust with Carbide Plates?

Since carbide is easily sourced in China, then you should consider finding companies in the country.

Currently, there are a lot of companies that battle for the attention and for the patronization of clients.

But if you want to work with the best and the most sought after, work with us! Here at Waldun, the Carbide Plates that we offer are topnotch.

You can ask us for a quote and for a sample and we will provide it to you. Depending on your business needs, we will adjust and we will create it.

For all your carbide plate needs, you can bank and count on us here at Waldun! We can help you with anything – from Tungsten Carbide Plates, Silicon Carbide Plates, and Boron Carbide Plates!

You will never regret your decision of choosing us!