In the port, the grab, hopper, and trough in the bulk cargo handling system such as iron ore and coal have suffered serious wear, and the surfacing welding wear-resistant composite steel plate has been used in the easily worn parts, which can prolong the service life of these wear-out Parts It is very important to reduce the downtime of loading and unloading machine.

The heat of the ARC is absorbed as alloy powder is added to the molten pool during welding. It speeds up the cooling rate of Molten Pool, shortens the time of liquid metal crystallization, limits the growth of grain size, and results in the fine grain structure of the welding layer. Compared with casting, the wear resistance of the surfacing layer can be improved many times under the same composition. The alloy composition of the surfacing layer is 3%-5% carbon and 20%-40% chromium

One of the great advantages of the liner made of hardfacing wear-resistant clad steel is that the wear-resistant material is bimetal, the surface is a high-alloy wear-resistant layer, and the master is plain carbon steel. The plain carbon steel plate has good plasticity and toughness, can bear a lot of impacts, but also can be bent, in order to adapt to different conditions, can be rolled. Therefore, the wear-resistant hardfacing plate is both wear-resistant and tough. In addition, the hardfacing wear plate can also be cut into workpieces with different sizes and complicated shapes by plasma cutting machine, which is quite convenient to use.


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Electricity Sector:

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