Waldun CNC hardfacing machine for wear resistant composite plate has the following advantages:

* Multi-purpose.

The flat plate welding can be realized by placing 2000X3300 MM worktable in the wide build-up welding operation platform, or by placing positioner and turntable on the platform, etc. The unique function and various types of welding guns can be used to locate accurately in a wide range. The welding passes of any shape can be built up on the surface of a circle, ring,  cylinder, cone, Inner Circle and plane It is suitable to build up any shape wear-resistant weld bead on the side-by-side central slot plate of coal conveyor.

* High configuration.

The control system, which is composed of PC numerical control motion system and full digital PLC technology control system, is composed of the top-level hardware configuration and the well-functioning programming software It provides a perfect hardware and software system for experimental research. Make the plate more flat and beautiful.

* High Precision.

The 3-d positioning accuracy of the welding torch is 0.1 mm, the arc voltage is automatically stabilized within 0.5 v Range, and the rotating arc current can be controlled at 1A The process parameters such as workpiece rotation and swing can be set and controlled with high precision, which provides the conditions for obtaining high quality surfacing layer. The overlap between Weld Bead and weld bead is smooth, without concave-convex phenomenon.

* Multifunction.

Due to the use of advanced PC motion control system and full digital process control system, as well as complete programming software, it has a variety of control functions, such as: Intelligent Automatic Setting of process parameters; Setting function of electronic pitch for surfacing welding roller surface.

* Welding Large Parts.

Automatic build-up of wear-resistant bead of any shape on large workpiece. For large diameter pipeline, in order to build-up welding directly on the inner wall of the pipeline, it is very convenient to operate the welding torch without moving. In order to weld the pipeline, the software system set up the function of automatic centering.

* Good Control.

Due to the use of a high-definition wide touch screen man-machine interface, well-designed windows and man-machine dialogue, the setting of process parameters and procedures is very simple, one person can control more than one, and in the build-up welding process of the state of the process You can see it through the window. For the numerical control motion system, the running track of the welding torch is set by CAD drawing on the 8-inch computer display screen, and the moving track is displayed in the welding process.

* Easy to maintain.

Because the high wear-resistant compound plate numerical control overlaying welding machine uses the smooth linear guide rail and the simple control system, is easy to install, easy to maintain, the breakdown is almost zero


One Head Hardfacing Equipment

One head hardfacing equipment

  • One head hardfacing equipment optimized based on original structure, main improvement is update of control system, it has a humanized operation interface;Welding head has a number of improvements, making the machine running process more smoothly.

Two heads hardfacing equipment

Two heads hardfacing equipment

  • Two heads hardfacing equipment optimized based on original structure, main improvement is update of control system, it has a humanized operation interface;Welding head has a number of improvements, making the machine running process more smoothly.


Pipe Hardfacing Equipment

  • Wear-resisting pipe hardfacing equipment is mainly for the tube inside and outside wall, axis surface hardening surfacing. Using visible arc welding automatic welding. The roll overlaying welding machine has stable performance, simple operation, high degree of automation, powerful function, convenient maintenance, advanced technology etc.


PTA Welding Equipment

  • Plasma-transferred arc (PTA) welding is a thermal process for applying wear- and corrosion-resistant layers on surfaces of metallic materials. It is a versatile method of depositing high-quality metallurgically fused deposits on relatively low-cost surfaces. The PTA process is used in instances of extreme demands on wear resistance.

Precise-CNC-plasma-flame-cuttingPlasma Cutting Equipment

  • CNC plasma cutting machine collects rich experience of high precision machine building. Our machine table can secure you trouble-free at least 10 years! This machine euiped with Chinese or Hypertherm controller, and HD plasmas. All our machines are made according to high standard.

overlay wear plate

Chromium carbide wear plates

  • Chromium carbide wear plates or steel liners are used in many applications where friction between two parts or materials creates degradation. Wear plate steel plate may bolt onto a machine that slides in and out or up and down in a manufacturing process, while they can also be found where manufactured parts or minerals are regularly rubbing or abrasively contacting the machined plate.


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