1000W-6000W Laser cladding machine | Fiber Diode Lasers

High-power fiber optic semiconductor system with external water cooling and temperature control.

Suitable for metal surface treatment, welding, cladding, quenching, 3D Printing, and other fields.

According to different applications, it can provide various control modes and output connection methods (QBH, QCS, etc.).

According to the customer’s needs, personalized and professional customization can be provided.

1000W-6000W Laser cladding machine

Fiber laser cladding machine description

1000W-6000W fiber semiconductor laser system power.

High conversion rate, brightness and system integration.

Simple operation, easy installation, drive control functions.

Standard power supply, and has a user-friendly operation interface.

Fiber laser cladding machine parameters

Model number BGQ-1000 BGQ-2000 BGQ-3000 BGQ-4000 BGQ-6000
Power (output) 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W
Wavelength range 900nm-1070nm
Optical parameter 300μm 400/800μm 800μm 800μm 800μm
Fiber length 5/10m
Output Connectors QBH, can be customized
Indicator light Red
Working model Continuous/modulated
Polarization direction Random
Output power stability (25℃) ﹤2%(2h)
Power adjustment range 10%-100%
Modulation frequency 20KHz-50KHz
Machine size and weight
External dimension 5U(220mm)680mm deep 680*880*980mm
Electrical properties
Voltage 3P 380±30V  50/60Hz
Power consumption 3KW 6KW 9KW 10KW 15KW
Control method Local control (touch screen) AD control
Water cooling parameters
Cooling capacity requirements 3.5KW 4.0KW 5.0KW 6.0KW 7.0KW
Volume flow 6l/min
Input pressure 0.25Mpa
Pipe size (outer diameter) Φ12mm
Temperature 1-45°C (operating temperature) 5-65°C (storage temperature)
Humidity <75% (25°C, non-condensing)
Protection class IP54

Fiber laser cladding machine video


In some cases, we can modify our equipment to meet your special requirements when not in the original equipment design.